Homeland Series Four-Episodes One, Two and Three-Minor spoilers. Some notes and dialogue with a one-off review. On in the UK on Channel Four or number 104 on Virgin Media Tv Sundays @ 9pm. Catch-up 4 on demand/ 4OD

Episode One

Some dialogue and notes .
(on first watching)

Oh no. Jazz.  Thelonius Monk?  Already.

Carrie: (in a car with a hatchet faced man)
“Oh come on guys, its only a couple of blocks!”
“I haven’t been outside the Embassy in days..”

Carrie in the Control Centre.(she is the Boss)
“How long until target?”
“Eight minutes..”
You just know that it’s all going to go horribly wrong.

The Control Team sing:
“For she’s a jolly good fellow!..

That’s odd.  I never heard that song with a she before.
“The Drone Queen”? says Carrie.  It is spelt around the edge of the cake.  OK, point made.  Is this all gonna be about drones?  Looks like.

So Carries is till taking her meds/ medication.  Which is good.  With white wine.  Which maybe not so good.  Actually it is Ambien, a sleeping table we find out.

Carrie lies down to sleep in her tiny apartment.  All peaceful.  Like. Which means dramatically that everything is about to go to hell.

Gruffalo Saul is back.  In a boring meeting.
“Saul, the multiplier?”…
Saul goes off on a speech.  I’m getting that preachy teachy feeling.  As Saul goes into a deconstruction of the American presence in Afghanistan.
“Saul, it’s not your job any more..the contract..

Saul continues to relate the pre and post alliance presence history of Afghanistan.  Yes.  We know that already.  It’s a mini-history lesson I guess.  with all appropriate bullet points included.

So this is heavy. Presumably they won’t be showing the similar casualties on the other side.

Carrie and Quinn on the phone.
“We are bulletproof for this..”
(you mean you’re not right on any more)

You know what.  I’m kind of Middle-Easterned out.  Don’t think I wanna write about this series.  As we can see it will write itself and said youth will become suitably and supposedly radicalised and guess what then.
Nothing new really.  Just Brody rewritten in another country.

Nobody ever talks about the proportionality of terrorist attacks now do they.  Odd that.

Wow.  Another girl with uncovered hair.  In Afghanistan.

Carrie to Quinn:
“I wanted you here!
“Why didn’t you come?”

So this is tenseful:
“This is Sandy-maybe contact with a hundred locals..!”

F-ing hell.
Then Carrie guilt trips Quinn out.
A kind of reverse guilt trip.
“We had the the power to do more in the situation”
Maybe.  For a while.  A very short while.  Until you met the same fate.

Speaking of guilt trips: Carrie’s sister is taking her to guilt trip city.
“How old is she? now?”
(on Skype)
“Eight days older than when you last asked…”
replies Carrie’s sister.


End of episode One.


Episode Two.

Its all quite intense.  Music is only minorly annoying.  At least the music is not on all the gosh darned time.

This looks serious.  Carrie is getting freaked out about going to her family’s house.  Which is not good. She holds the giant bulbous baby like it was an oversized doll that had awkwardly somehow fallen out of a box.

Great.  Back to the eponymous youth/ yoof aka terrorist in the making.  He’s just gonna fall into it oops.  He was vulnerable.  He was radicalised.  (he couldn’t help it he was poor) He had a grievance.  Actually it is more common. He is a trainee Doctor.

Quinn to arsehole man:
“Its OK, I speak dumbass!”

Carrie & Quinn.
“Wanna come?”
“Why? You got more brawling to do?!”

The nephew’s accent is very variable.

Carrie is doing her very best to stay away from the baby.  But every time she comes home her sister is waiting for her with the Big Bad Baby…

Carrie is terrified of her ginger baby.  She didn’t appear to change her nappy then, just put new trousers on it.  Odd.  I think the nappy changing scene must have been considered too indelicate.

I’m not sure about Carrie looking after a baby full time.  There is a possibility that she will forget the baby and leave it behind.  Oh.  No.  But this is much, much worse.  A scenario.

So Saul is meeting with fellow beardy man, Dar Adal.  Saul’s mate has a much stylish hat.

Archive man to Carrie:
“You’re bat shit crazy, you know that?!”

What did I say.  Carrie has already left the baby in  the car.

I like how Carrie is playing with the big guys now.  Mind you Carrie could always hold her own.

So before you know it Carrie is teamed up with Saul.

Carrie and her sister.
Interesting how  Carrie is acting like the husband and has made her own sister, a Doctor, into a worn out supposedly nagging wife.

Of course no one says this shit to a new father.  And Carrie’s sister is not her wife.  Carrie made her into one.
(why doesn’t Carrie pay for an au-pair or live in Nanny?)  Or even just get her baby adopted.  It might be better.  Considering.  I wonder if Brody’s family know about the baby?

Episode Three

Carrie to Saul:
“We had a meltdown over there..”
“I’ll put a team together..”(yawn)

Quinn and his therapist/ examining CIA Psychiatrist. (Dr. Field)
 In answer to her asking if he was in love with Carrie.
“You know what? Fuck this!”

There is some resistance to Carries’s new position in Islamabad.
“Young lady, we need to have a chat!”
“Sit down John”!”
Then, after.  She has finished:
Now We’ll have that chat John!”

Quinn and the Manager of the Motel possibly his girlfriend.
Quinn:(avoiding Dr. Field on the phone)
“I’m quitting my job.”
“As long as they don’t kill me”!
“Do you have any marketable skills?”

Carrie enters her new flat in Islamabad.    They have even stocked the fridge for her.
Carrie and her body guards soon have a Tail.
The Embassy staff:
“It’s I.S.I, they take shifts to spy on us”

Carries does the old cut through a building quick and get into a taxi quick routine.  She is swiftly followed but does another spy trick to shake off her tail..

Dr Adal and Quinn.
“I told you to go fuck yourself not come for breakfast!”
Dar Adal:
“The group takes care of its own..”
he continues:
“Once a scalp-hunter always a scalp-hunter isn’t that what they say?”
“That’s what you say, along with you’re my guy Peter!”
“Well done Peter, I knew you weren’t that far gone..”

So Carrie jogs to jazz.  Voluntarily.

Ferah is there and they have given her a corny English accent.

Saul and Carrie:
“The tyranny of secrets..”
“The tyranny of keeping them”..

Carrie has a cool new black leather jacket and a glint in her eye.

Carrie is never happier than  when she is in the field.

What did I predict about the eponymous youth.

Carrie purrs along, cool, down the street.

Carrie & Quinn.
 Shit, Carrie, you’re the hardest person in the world to say no to, you know that right?”
“I F-ing love you, you know that don’t you.”



Homeland is ever entertaining and suspenseful.  The drama is slick and glossy with a polished confident style.

Plus the drama holds no punches regarding its portrayal of villains, good guys and those who dwell in between.  Nor are we spared, by delicate censure as we would be dare I say on British TV, some airing of dialogue containing odious views.

Perhaps I have prejudged the eponymous youth.  Or have I.  That is the way of Homeland, it shows you two sides of the story.  Like parallel universes existing at the same time.

There is that feeling Homeland is, in essence an estimably intricate spy drama.  I would say old school style, captured so well by The Americans, Le Carre’, cold war movies right back to The 39 Steps.

However old school is redundant as a description since the best of spy movies are timeless.  Homeland is classic spy suspense.  No trilbys needed and barely any raincoats.  These things are not needed any more.  Anyway the left-field leather jacket, black of course is universal.  Of maverick Cops. rogue detectives and nowadays spies.

I have always enjoyed Homeland for its classically full goodie bag of timeless yet fresh retro modern spy shenanigans.  Just updated with excellent new technology such as cloning phones, video cameras in mobile phones, satellite imagery and drones.

Then there is the added fun in Homeland, to the bubbling stream of the plot as it bounces along in rivulets, over bumps of stones and down waterfalls: on top of that is the love story that was entwined with the previous Homeland series.  The Carrie and Brody love affair was like Shakespearean tragedy writ large.

Homeland is never boring.  The story plays the long game.  Just like the spies.



I think that Ferah’s new accent is actually her real one.

This story in Homeland of the terrorist uncle and his nephew is reminiscent of a news story a while back.

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