Wentworth Prison Series Two-Episode Eight. Some notes, dialogue and description. Minor spoilers. On in the UK on Channel Five or number 105 on Virgin Media TV-Wednesdays @10pm

Wentworth Prison episode Eight

Prison Governor Joan Ferguson to Franky:
(almost nose to nose!)
“You have an informer in your ranks..!””

At night.  (faint whispers)
Franky stalks the corridor.  Everywhere she goes she sees Joan, huddled in corners.
(distant whispering)
Well not that Joan could ever huddle.
The huddle is descriptive as Franky sees a small hooded figure with Joan Ferguson..

Maxine/ Michael is crying and really upset cause he doesn’t have his wig.  But I think he looks much better without it.  As a woman or a man. Plenty of women have short hair.  Plus Maxine has cheekbones to die for.

Joan to Bea:
“You know a prison is run by two people, the Governor and the inmate who has the respect of the women..”
Liz and Bea.
“What is that, a Tea-cosy?”
“Have you got a tea-pot?”
Ha ha!
(they laugh)

Liz freaks out.
“Unless you have a life, you can’t get a life!”

Vera: Comes gliding in, hair pulled right back in a slick bun.

Aha.  Told you the new girl was a study for sure.  Time just stood still.
“You’re a piece of work, are you not Warner?, this sweetness is an act, you’re not fooling me!”

Yes, Vera has become Joan Ferguson.  As I predicted.  Me I am just loving Vera’s two Spock-like ears.

Prison Officers Vera and Fletcher.
“You should think about what Ferguson is doing to you..”

Franky finds a new creative use of laundry room equipment.

Franky is having a recurring dream with Joan Ferguson in it.  Though there is no horror movie that could be worse than the real life Joan Ferguson.

Warner is the name of the flirty girl.

Joan is looking as Dracula in appearance as usual.

Marge to Bea:
“I am not completely mad dear!”
Bea gives her a misshapen brown mug.

Joan Ferguson to Bea:
“How long did you allow your husband to beat you before you decided to make a stand?”
We realise Joan has set this whole visual tableau up.  Just to wind up super paranoid Franky.

Now Franky is using some Roman worthy tactics on her men.  Or rather the women.
Franky-1. Ferguson-0.
“Lose something Miss Ferguson, your sense of humour?”..

And Liz makes a very very brave stand.  Franky suddenly looks old.

Governor Joan Ferguson to Liz:
“One good turn deserves another..”

Now I am really worried about Liz.  Reckon she was just pretending,  Liz, to talk on the phone.
But Joan Ferguson is smart.

Bea: is talking to someone we cannot see.
“If they are gonna keep pushing me, I think it’s time I pushed right back”..

“You promised me you wouldn’t cry”
“I won’t miss this place,”
“I do understand..”
“It’s who I am”
“It’s who I am”..

Nb.  At one point  Sky’s eyes were like giant saucers of bleached sea green.  Her pupils were so tiny, contacted, like tiny black dots inside.


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