Wentworth Prison Series Two Episode Five. Some notes, dialogue and description. Minor Spoilers only. On in the UK Channel Five or Channel number 105 on Virgin TV Wednesdays @10pm

Wentworth Prison Episode Five

“You don’t know me”
“But I don’t know you””
“Calling me, catching me out”
“calling me”
“catching me out”..

After last weeks disappointingly meaningful moment with Maxine and Bea: I am on the alert for any more syrupy stuff.  Wentworth Prison is hovering however, in a kind of no-man’s Hallmark card land.

I had never expected Wentworth Prison of preachy teachy moments. As in officially transgender issues.

We see Boomer and her sister
Boomer throws over a whole table.
“You tell him from me, crabs!”

Will Jackson pulls Boomer away.

Prison Officer Fletcher finally figures out something important is missing at home.

Maxine in the garden.
Maxine: (her hair is definitely looking better)
“Let me help you with that..”
Franky to Boomer:
“We need someone like that”!
(looking at Maxine)

Simmo and Bea.
“If you could guarantee her safety on the outside..”
Would you?”
Bea continues:
“A name and a number, I will sort it out..”
Told you Bea was turning into Jacs.

And Vera is, for a moment, uncannily like (her mentor) Joan Ferguson.

Boomer to the Prison Nurse:
“Maybe its like voodoo pain, from when Trina stabbed me in the back..”
Boomer continues:
“Don’t tell the women, I don’t want them to know I’m a wuss!”
Beautiful softly spoken Nurse:
“Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me.”

Maxine to her Lawyer:
I made a mistake,”
“It was unintentional..”
“I still love him”
“I am not a danger to society..”
“Unless you have scissors!”
“You want the truth?”
he continues:
“You signed a confession!”
“You haven’t got a chance in hell!”

Franky to Maxine:
“What’s the matter?..
“I am not going to be your henchwoman”
“There was no henching involved!”
(they laugh)

Joan Ferguson is playing her master card now  (or one of them) with Prison Officer Will Jackson.
“You are a good officer Will, the women need you”.

Bea is even acting like Jacs now.
Plus Vera is flowering under the encouragement of Joan Ferguson.  (Vera even is starting to look like Ferguson)

Maxine to Franky: (Franky offers Maxine some make-up)
“Thank you, but they are not my colours, I already told you I am not gonna be a member of your crew.”

Oh no. This is getting bad.  Plus it is all Joan Ferguson’s work.  Nicely played Oh Dracula-alike.

Ferguson & Fletcher.
Joan has come to gloat.  Fletcher is onto her.
“”You should be very careful how you speak to me Mr. Fletcher, very careful indeed..”

Will Jackson to Joan Ferguson:
“I am sorry, I am better than this!”
“That is why I am giving you a final chance”

Then Joan Ferguson starts in on Boomer.
She is good, Joan is very good.
“..maybe  even a games console..”
“Sonic The Hedgehog?”
She looks up, hopefully, at Vera, standing there.
“I like Sonic The Hedgehog”

Montage at the end again.
I’m too far gone,
“I’m too far gone..”


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