Wentworth Prison Series Two-Episode Seven. Minor spoilers. Some notes, dialogue and description. On in the UK on Channel Five or number 105 on Virgin Media TV Wednesdays @ 10pm

Wentworth Prison Episode Seven

Some notes, dialogue and description.
(on first watching)

“You don’t know me”
“When I don’t know you”
“calling me in, catching me out..”

Oh no.  I was just thinking I adore the blues in the exercise yard when..
Vera & Joan Ferguson, Prison Governor.
“You’re punishing everybody for the actions of one or two..”
“Look at them Vera, it’s the herd mentality..”
“These women, they act together as a herd..”
Vera glances at Joan.  (oops)

Vera and Maxine.
“Do you want me to help you?”
“Err no, you are not very good at putting on make-up if you don’t mind me saying..”!

Ha ha.  We knew that from Series One.

And Franky shows off her legal skills.  She snows it with her Lawyer.

Franky & Doreen.
“You had better hope the grim reaper doesn’t find out!”

Joan’s Fencing Master to Joan:
“You must be ruthless!”

And Joan’s work is nearly done on Vera.
Joan to Vera:
“I believe in you Vera, you can do it”
Vera goes trotting off (smiling) unaware that she has been handed a poisoned chalice.

Fairly horrific scenes with Vera and her mum, I remember this from Prisoner Cell Block H.  In this instance Joan Ferguson’s help might just do.

Then Joan also drops the disappointment bomb on poor Vera.
All deliberate of course.  Joan is grooming Vera.
Oh no.  This is dark.
Joan delivers the killer blow:
 (politely of course)
“Go home Vera,”
“take care of your Mother..”

And Franky tries to play ball with Joan Ferguson.  Not sure how that will go.  A Long moment stretches out.  In silence.  Ferguson throws a body overboard..

“Broken glass,”
“try not to break”
“Sometimes more than i can take”
“Blood is thicker than water they say”
“I tried to wash my blood away,”
“funny now those scars don’t leave a trace”
“the ones that cause the deepest pain”
“try not to break, but..”
“somehow it’s more than I can take..”

So Wentworth Prison is getting all kinds of deliciously dark and dreadful.


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