Wentworth Prison Series Two-Episodes Three and Four-Some notes, dialogue and description. Minor Spoilers only. On in the UK Wednesdays @10pm on Channel Five or number 105 on Virgin Media TV

Wentworth Prison series Two
 Episode Three

Some notes, dialogue and description.

The Exercise Yard.
Bea to Doreen & Liz:
“what’s wrong with them?”
The women are all fighting.
Liz to Doreen:
“You have been under a stone, with Nash”..

Graffitti on wall:
Ferge-arse and a phallus.

Simmo to Bea:
(words you don’t expect to hear in the prison)
“Forgive and forget?”

Simmo & Franky:
“I hear you glassed her man”..

Ferguson & Prison Officer Fletcher.
Ferguson drives the knife in and twists it, slowly.  She also has some truly horror show make up on.

Look out.  Franky has a fork..
“I got nothing Franky!”..

Will and Fletcher loose the prisoners.
“Where is everyone?”

Joan Ferguson is starting to remind me of Christopher Lee, OK, Dracula.  With a touch of The Adams Family thrown in, Morticia Adams.  All Joan Ferguson needs is two corny fangs and that high necked collared cloak favoured by Dracula.

Joan Ferguson & Fletcher.
Joan twists the knife some more.

Will Jackson gets a letter. Odd.

I am getting a dim and distant memory of the greenhouse being significant in the original Prisoner Cell Block H series.

Bea is sitting cross legged on the floor of her sumptuous new cell, with a TV, like a long, curly red haired Buddha.

Bea and her Lawyer.
“Bea?,  Bea, Bea?”

(melancholy music plays)

piano music plays gently.

We see montages, slow, of Bea, Joan Ferguson.

Bea sits alone in her cell.  Examining her hands.  She has become fully realized into a vengeful, murderous mother.


Wentworth Prison episode Four

So Joan Ferguson is looking more Christopher Lee as Dracula by the day.
(Joan doesn’t even need a high necked collar and a cloak-she evinces them by her presence)

Bea’s hair is ever largening.

Joan uses the old:
 I will get in trouble with my boss line on Bea!
“We had a deal, you promise not to kill anyone”
“and I will get you back into general pop..”
(something like that-I find it hard to concentrate on the words when Joan is speaking)

Joan to Bea:
“You know you are not who you think you are..”
“your true nature will eventually come out..”
“It has to..”

I like how Bea’s hair nicely matches Simmo’s red right eye.  As they stand, facing each other.

“Got a lovely new bunch for you today!”
giggles the Guard.
Outside Wentworth correctional Centre.

Prison Officer Fletcher to the new inmate:
“Take the wig off!”
The inmate:

Uh oh.  Jessica, another new inmate, is a character study for sure.

The Women in the yard:
“What have we got here then?”
As the new inmates arrive into the yard.

Bea has to pick which one of them might be out to get her.

Prison Officer Fletcher and new inmate Maxine.
“If you need my assistance then you need to ask me nicely.”
Fletcher to Maxine:
“Well Maxine, since you are looking so lovely  today, could I request your assistance in moving this piece of shit out into the corridor?!”

Uh oh.  Morticia Adams is watching the Closed Circuit Television again.  it would appear that she is not the only one watching the CCTV.

It is night.  Outside and in, everywhere is pink salmon light and criss cross shadows laced across the corridors.  Things are afoot.

And Liz locks horns with Maxine. That is the second time now Liz has stood up, the first was when she stood up to Franky.

Uh oh.  A horror filled moment.  Boy this is somewhat intense.

Thank you” says Bea..

Joan Ferguson to Prison Nurse:
“Leave us!”

Ferguson to Bea:
“I understand you Smith, you are a loner..”
“I am simply stating there is strength in numbers..”

Bea comes a slowly marching..

“I am not stupid enough to put a weapon into the hands of an enemy!”
(Franky really does talk like she has studied the Romans)

Maxine to Bea:
“I hear they found..another weapon in her cell?”..

For once, Wentworth Prison ends on a happy note.  It even went into a montage.  Me I had flashbacks to the original Hairspray.


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