Wentworth Prison Series Two- Episode Six-Minor Spoilers only-Some notes, dialogue and description. On in the UK on Channel Five or number 105 on Virgin Media TV Wednesdays @10pm

Wentworth Prison Episode  Six

TV warning:
“With offensive language throughout with explicit drug use, violence, sexual violence which some might find distressing”.

Nb. Will do another review towards the end of the series

Some notes, dialogue and description.
(on first watching)

(wind gusting)

“Holy fuck!”
“She’s on the roof!”
“You’re gonna fall!”
“Na, I’m gonna fly over that fence and out of this shit-hole!”
Boomer (down below on the ground in the yard)

Horrible prison man to Franky:
“I’ll get you some pink dragon”
“its pure, you will be a legend..”
(they always say that)
dealers that is.

Liz looks at Franky.
“What’s up your arse?”!

Liz not only stands up to Franky but she stands up to horror-movie lit Joan Ferguson.
“What did you expect?  You can’t halve the women’s methadone and not expect this to happen!”
For once, Joan is silenced.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?”
“Doing the right thing?”
“No,I feel like Judas..”

(gates clang shut)

Joan’s fencing Master:
“Good, good, Joan,but remember, the timing of your attack is as important as the choice of attack, parry and thrust”
“remember, lure the quarry in then parry and thrust”!

Nb. The fencing is shot in strange yellow light.  Joan is really rather good at fencing.

Joan Ferguson to Simmo:
“Oh Slater, So sorry to hear about your uncle!”

Camera 13/ Cam 13-Exercise yard.
And Joan is watching at an opportune moment.

Simmo weeps on the phone.  Oh no.  Joan is listening in on the phone as well.  Like she was in The Lives Of Others and a Stasi agent.  (love that film)  Joan holds one black, vinyl/ leather head phone to her ear, smiling in a sinister fashion.

“Simmo?  Simmo?”

Vera, Joan Ferguson and Vera’s mother.
Vera to Joan:
“My mother is a very, um strong personality..”

Vera’s Mum: (oh i remember this now from Prisoner Cell Bock H)
Cries and wails.
And Joan comes to nose around.  (because she is evil)

Yey- Joan says something to Vera’s mother that we are not allowed dramatically to hear.  Which seems to shut Vera’s mum up.  What did Joan say?!

I knew that nasty prison guy was going to do that.  Shit.

Dopey lady Prison Officer:
“Sierra six to Sierra three-we need help-we need help!”

So Bates is the name of the nasty prison man.

Nash, Doreen and Fletcher.
Both Doreen and Nash plead.
“Please Sir..”
“Its tough but you gotta let it go..”

Boomer to Liz:
“From zero to hero!”
points at herself whilst doing a little celebratory dance.

Joan Fergusn is watching Simmo on CCTV:

As Fletcher tears up sheets I am thinking that Liz is tearing it up this episode.

Joan & Franky.
“Possession of a trafficable quantity..”
“Is that how you  look after your friend?”

Boom, boom, the orange yellow search lamps go on at night.

Kitchen Lady Marge:
In a Russian accent.
“Which one of you bitches stole my  rubber gloves?!”

She comes out into the dining room.  (brave)

Things are getting a bit Psycho movie.

“This is Sierra 3, we have a code black in H4…”

As Joan stands framed in the doorway we now know what she is capable of.

Plus she has a seriously creepy fencing mask in her safe and has taken to wearing back leather gloves.


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