The Code BBC4-some small notes and a potted review. On in the UK on BBC4 Saturday at 9pm-two episodes back to back. Final two episodes tonight: 25th October 2014.

The Code BBC4 First Two Episodes

Episode One.
The Code opens with a crash.  Then flashbacks to a happy couple taking a selfie.  Then later: mayhem and the girl says to the guy:

The two brothers driving:
One says to the other:
“You’re driving quite aggressively”

Then, a Newspaper office?  No, it’s Parliament, I believe or the Parliament buildings or summat in that line.  Wow.  The outback.  The red soil.

Episode Two.
“Look at the spot!
That is your reason…”

Australian noir is born.
I was originally going to loftily declare the above statement before, in my first few words on The Code.  Then I remembered the films:  Picnic At Hanging Rock and Jindabyne.  Others probably more recent that I know and cannot name.  The film Dead Calm. The series Underbelly could be called a stonking sort of gangster noir.  I will think of some more probably.

 Ah, the series The Slap and more recently, Secrets and Lies.  Point is: Australian noir was not born-it was there all along.

Episodes Three & four
The scenery and the architecture in The Code are stunning.  The modern buildings in particular.  I believe we are seeing the Parliament building.  The building may also contain the local council (and) or a Federal administration. (like in the series of Forbrydelsen/ The Killing in Denmark)

One building, or part of the main Parliament building looked like a beautiful curved thick concrete hut which was tethered down by concrete tent pegs.  This construction was elegant, graceful and strong in appearance.  With echoes of some giant faraway concrete mushroom, whose edges small humans gathered beneath.

Such is the scenery in Australia: New South Wales and or including Canberra I believe where the Parliament and administrative capital is.  Yes, the scenery is full of wide blue yonders and full, bright breezeless sky.

The blue of the air is almost tangible to our eyes.  Such is the precise depiction of air with a cold tinge.  Triangular shadows of patterned rows of corners of brutalist buildings stack up into the sky.

There are wide open planes, more sky.  Limitless sky.  Lone roads seen from above intersecting scrub land: bits of green, dotted buildings, all spaced out until the road, running like the straightest arrow flight to nowhere, runs through the red soil.  The special, treasured and significant red ochre soil.  Of the outback. On the way to Lindara.


The Code ends tonight-boo hoo. (A fact which my paper revealed along with a great big spoiler)

I found myself strangely reluctant to write about The Code.  This is because for me anyway: The Code is so nearly perfectly excellent as a drama that describing it seems almost superfluous.  Like when I was writing about the final Wallander episodes: I feel that The Code speaks for itself.


Nb. The Australian Series Secrets and Lies ends next Tuesday.  I take my hat off to the estimably straight faced Leonardo DeCaprio look-alike Detective Corneille and his quarry, the ever startled of expression and mostly shirtless and jogging (a lot) Ben.  Quite a shocker last episode.  Although I had my suspicions…

TV note.-Secrets and Lies was confusingly pushed further and further backwards from its original time of 10 0′ Clock and is now on at 12:50 am.  The same thing happened with Tyrant-once at 9pm it is now on at 10pm.

So I wonder what will replace the fairly wonderful The Code in the ever popular BBC4 European/ International drama Saturday night slot?

Meanwhile I am seriously enjoying my Varg Veum DVD’s  (1-9) now sadly run out with three more films to find. (9-12)  I have started Van Veeteren, which is different to Varg Veum in flavour and style but has again seriously grown on me..Plus it has an unusual and fabulous font for the sub-titles.

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