Note to my Readers-dates for The Code BBC4, The Walking Dead Series Five, Gotham and Homeland Series Four. Also The Bates Motel Series Two to be repeated on Universal Channel number 137 on Virgin Media TV Wednesday 15th October 2014. Plus notes on old Scandi-noir series & a word on the first two episodes of The Code. & Made In Chelsea Returns

The Code BBC4
Now Crimes Of Passion is being followed by the new Australian series: The Code started 11th October Saturday @9pm. Available on BBC i-player.
There are two episodes back to back.  (see near end of notes for a word on the first two episodes)

The Walking Dead FOX Channel
Monday 13th October @9 pm, The Walking Dead Series Five starts on FOX or Channel number 157 on Virgin Media TV.

Gotham Channel Five
Gotham will start on Monday 13th October on Channel Five or Channel number 105 on Virgin Media TV @ 9 pm.

Gotham is the prequel to the Batman story and has Ben Mackenzie from the series Southland in it as the young Detective (who later becomes the Commissioner of Gotham City) investigating the crime that befalls Bruce Wayne as a child..

Plus of all the FOX Channel set scenes advertising their channel: the Gotham City skyline has to be one of my favourites.

Homeland Series Four Channel Four
Plus: Homeland Series Four starts tonight: Sunday 12th October at 9pm on Channel Four in the UK or Channel number 104 on Virgin Media TV.

Nb. If you have not seen the previous Homeland series three you would be hard put to avoid the spoilers about the end of it inherent in all the previews of the new series..


Some notes on old Scandi-noir series DVD’s.

I found the following titles of recommended series by on-line Scandi-noir fans:
Unit One/ Rejseholdet
Van Veeteren
The Protectors
Sebastian Bergman.  A Swedish series. (with Rolf Lasgard from his Wallander series)
The Eagle: An Odyssey
Varg Veum. (see below)

Varg Veum:
A Norwegian series.  Two Series: consisting of six films each.
Based on the books by Gunnar Stalesen about a Private Detective who lives in Bergen.

I found the following DVD titles:
Varg Veum-Films 1-9
Van Veeteren-films 1-9

I started with and am now seriously into Varg Veum..


The Code BBC4
A word on The Code (first two episodes).
Oh and having watched the first two episodes of The Code BBC4 last night: I feel i may have invented a new term.  All I am going to say about the Code is this:

Made In Chelsea E4
Made In Chelsea New Series starting Monday 13th October on E4 or Channel number 144 on Virgin Media TV @ 9pm.  My cup it doth runneth over.

Yey!  so the Sloane crew are back in London after their oddly lit and strangely reminiscent of Sex in The city sojourn in New York city!

Apparently Louise, happier than we have ever seen her, will be joined in Chelsea by her New York beau, The Fonze look alike boyfriend whose name escapes me momentarily.  I have seen, via trailer, that ex-boyfriend Alex, he of the much written about (rather cruelly i feel) flaring nostrils, is dreadfully jealous!  Much sparks must fly.

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