Gotham-First few Episodes-PART ONE REVIEW-Minor spoilers-Some notes and dialogue with review at the end. On in the UK Channel Five or number 105 Virgin Media TV-Mondays @9pm

Gotham First few episodes

Pilot episode-Series One Episode One.
TV Preview:
“Jim Gordon and his world weary partner Harvey Bullock investigate the killing of billionaire philanthropist Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha.  The only witness to their shooting being the couple’s young son Bruce”.


Nb. Some notes on characters.
Jim Gordon is the young Detective who later becomes the Police Commissioner of Gotham City.
Charlotte is Jim Gordon’s fiancée.
Detective Harvey Bullock-see above TV Preview.
Fisho-evil lady baddie/ underworld boss.
Don Carmine Falceone-Mafia Kingpin.
Alfred Pettifrew-Butler to the Wayne family and Guardian of Bruce Wayne.
Selina Kyle is Cat-the young teenage incarnation of Catwoman.
Oswald Cobblepot- young man who becomes The Penguin.
Ed, the blood work/ Laboratory guy at the Police Station.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So Gotham is beautifully old-school in flavour.  Almost cartoonish style.  Comic book made real.

Guy in the Police Station:
“I need my pills!..”

Gordon to Bruce Wayne:
“There will be light..”

Alfred Pettifrew is the butler with an odd accent that I think therefore as these things go in American series, he is meant to be Irish.

Donal Logue is the actor who is Jim Gordon’s partner.
(he was Olivia Benson’s temporary Boss/ undercover supremo in the series Special Victim’s Unit)

Serious Crime Squad Detective:
“Stay frosty Harvey”!

Jim Gordon to Harvey:
“You’re a cynic, a slovenly, lackadaisical cynic!”

Detective James Gordon meets Fisho.
“Well you’re a tall glass of milk!”

So the characters do have mobiles.

“Holy Mother of God, shiny shoes!”

Fisho to the Penguin:
“You snitched, my little penguin!”

Episode Two.
“it’s time, somebody has to take over, it might as well be me..”

I already love Gotham.  Back in episode One I was.

“Hi! I am Patti, this is Doug!”
“We are with the Outreach programme, we have cookies and candy!”..

Harvey to Jim Gordon:
“I got you a coffee but I dropped it!”

Harvey to Jim:
“What now, so righteous?!”

Fish and Don Falceone.
Don Falceone:
“Lazlo, take care of this women, she is very precious to me, break her heart and I will break yours..”
(clicks fingers for his flunkies)
Violence ensues.

“On my sainted mother’s grave..”

Harvey to Jim Gordon:
“That was sneaky good!”

The outreach lady, Patti:
Gosh, cops!

Detective Harvey has a dreadful mouth talking about women.

Oh my good golly gosh.  The evil child snatchers.
Patti: (keeps saying)
“The Doll Makers will be so pleased with us!”

The evil baddies in Gotham are almost cartoonish in their grotesquerie.  However these depictions somehow transcend cartoon and become super sinister instead.

Jim Gordon and Alfred Pettifrew.
(they are great together-as actors and characters)
Bruce Wayne:
“I have been following your adventures in the newspaper..”
“Can I help those children?, they looked all raggedy..”

The Penguin.
He sings a little song.  Then:
I couldn’t look.  In spite of all this the Penguin is slightly endearing.  Ah.  But then not so ah.  More like no, he didn’t’.. ( he did)

And Cat meets Jim Gordon.
You’re a friend of the boy, I have been watching you..”
“If I had something you wanted, could you get me out of here?”
Jim Gordon:
“It’s possible..”

Oh yes and Ed, the blood work guy is seriously creepy.  I am trying to figure out who he becomes later.

Jim Gordon’s fiancée Charlotte is excellent as the sharp and level headed beauty.  In his time off, what there is of it, Jim and his girlfriend hang out in a truly sumptuous but wonderfully cosy orange glow lit flat. I am sure logs were burning on the fire. Which would be strange now I think of it since the Penthouse is high, so high in the Gotham City skyscrapered and twinkling night.



On introspection or is that reflection: in spite of the above cosy familial scenes, Gotham is a bit cold at its core.  Granted that Gotham may feel like this to me because of its cartoonish aspect.  Yet that cartoonish aspect is not cartoon fun but more cruel caricature instead.

Certainly there is a seriously sinister and surreal edge to Gotham.  As discussed, the surreal sure surpasses any silliness for example: the Penguin could be silly.  The child-snatchers were minorly silly.  However still scary as all hell.

Likewise the Penguin.  Who we or I. cannot hep but feel sorry for with his bullying experiences and sweet schoolboy Jonny Dep in Edward Scissorhands appearance.

Ben Macenzie is excellent I feel, at portraying the stony faced but passionately straight-laced Detective.  His character is less effective at portraying his emotional inner core.  With that said there is something of a coldness to Gotham.  I am not quite sure why.  Nor am I sure that this feeling matters overall.  For the drama.

Perhaps I want to have my dramatic cake and eat it.  Or-as some might say-I want the proverbial moon on a stick.

There is the odd yet touching scenes with young Bruce Wayne.  Who portrays a curiously unlikeable child/man.  Who is already experimenting with pain.  Harsh.  This side of Gotham also has its fair share of horror.  As we worry too, along with the enigmatic yet genius duo of Jim Gordon and Alfred Pettifrew.

Alfred  Pettifrew the butler provides the warmth and emotion so far lacking in Gotham.  Whilst coming within a whisker of eclipsing Jim Gordon in every scene.

However Jim Gordon excels at simply stonily staring a lot and exuding righteousness and honour.  For a Southland fans such as myself, I kept missing the legendary Cooper.  One time trainer to rookie Ben Macenzie.

I did find the character of Detective Harvey Bullock perhaps officially too reprehensible.  As held up against Jim Gordon.  The sexist spiel, I  wondered if this was meant to be a period detail.  However the characters do have mobiles.

Perhaps characterisation and an emotional depth will grow in the drama.  For now, I can glory in the fantastical creation that is Gotham.  With its cornucopia of colours, shadows and a great big helping of stylish genre.  More like Batman as graphic novel made real.  rather than any comic-book.

Gone, long gone now are the days of:
“Holy Mackerel Batman!”


Looks like all bets are off with such details as mobiles in prequels.  Mobiles also appear in The Bates Motel series.

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