Crimes Of Passion Episode Six-Final episode. Notes and dialogue & description. Minor Spoilers. Was on BBC4 in the UK or Channel number 107 on Virgin Media TV. BBC i-player for catch-up.

Nb.  Please see end of Episode Five write-up for a final review and reviews at the end of episodes 1-4.

Crimes Of Passion Episode Six-Final episode

Some notes and dialogue & description.
(on first watching)

Another aquamarine green night. A gloved hand, a three pronged old key into a lock..

Puck’s father to Puck’s niece, Lotta:
“Or I will wring his neck like a bird..”
“and in fact his body with diseases no doctor can cure..”
“because I am death..”
“and I will strike down anyone who disturbs the sleep of a Pharaoh!”

Oh dear.  The churchyard in the snow with slightly dark gravestones.

A handsome square jawed man comes rushing up the stairs after choir practice.
“Barbara!” “Barbara!”
He looks like on of Christer Wuik’s handsome relatives.

Puck has written a book! I knew there was an ongoing theme of writers in Crimes Of Passion.  There is a writer in pretty much every episode I reckon: I had been wondering if it was some kind of connection.

“In the darkest hour”
“There is a shadow smothering the skies with chilling fear”
“Hear her final words of despair”
“I love you, to death..”

By the way it is Christmas, Crimes Of Passion fell victim to the Christmas episode.

Puck’s Dad is called Johannes.

“Arne, Arne!”

Oh no.  There is definitely sparkles between Einar/Eje and Barbara.
“A University Don Einear, is that what they call you?”…
Chortle.  Chortle.

Lotta is Puck’s niece and is just like her.  Of course.  Clever and cute as a button and sharp as a whole suitcase full of knives.

The Vicar: (in church)
“They praised the Lord, saying”
“Glory to God the most highest..”
“Peace on earth and good will towards men..”

Lotta & Puck: They have found a body. Red is making Rorschach blot symmetrical patterns on the floor.

Puck to her Uncle Tora, the Vicar.
“Have the Police?..”
“Someone from the murder squad..”
Puck is off like a shot.
Eje to Tora the Vicar:
“Where has Puck gone?”
“She knew the Detective..”

Detective Christer Wuijk to Puck:
“Did you arrange to get me here?!”
(or something)  Christer’s handsomeness and perky grin was distracting me.

Christer and Puck are happily sparring off each other as per usual.

Christer is questioning the gathered guests at the Vicarage.
Ha ha:
There is spiky interplay between Barbra and the tyrannical mother at the table.  Also Barbara directly asks Einar/ Eje to accompany her to her husband’s house. Shocking and in front of  Puck who has to rise to the challenge.

Christer to suspect:
“Go on, drink Lonny”
“It will hep you lie to the Police..”
(Arch genius interviewer and Detective is Christer)

The blond lady is called Tekla.

Puck and Barbra.
“Nice pearls..”

Only in the 1950’s perhaps or just with Christer Wuijk would the Detective suggest and actually engage in, getting the suspect drunk.

Oh no.  Barbra moves in for the kill. But not that kind of kill.
“Why did you do that?”
“I don’t know, I see myself in you..”
(yeah, right)

Puck to Eje: (in bed at night)
“I can’t stop thinking about Barbara”..
“Neither can I!”
Uh oh.
“Do you think she is pretty?”
“What is wrong with her?”
“So you do think she is pretty!”
she continues:
“If there is nothing wrong with her, you must think she is pretty!”

I like the scene with the late night old-fashioned telephone call.

Christer and Barbara.
“Are you and Martin lovers?”
No, I prefer Alpha males..”

At one point Barbara appeared to have hypnotised Christer. It was most odd.  She actually gets up, to check her work for a while as a professional Hypnotherapist might do, before sitting down again. With a smirk.

I am loving the twin sets and Puck’s Fair Isle trimmed mohair cardigan in the beginning of the episode gave me flashbacks.   To either an old memory or maybe Sarah Lund’s Lund’s jumper in The Killing.

Puck looked so terrible when she woke up and had oversleep I did wonder if a) she was pregnant or b) had been drugged.  I did wonder briefly if Christer had drunk anything from dear Barbara.  But I think that effect was truly her power over men.

Christer and Lotta.
“Why did you go out into the night?”
“Because of the blinking, the signal, like lovers.”

The Vicarage where Puck’s father/Uncle lives is like a fairy tale gingerbread house in the forest.  Of red and green.

Eje & Christer.
“I am going into town with Barbara..”
“She has lost her husband”
“I am being supportive.”
(cracks up laughing)

Puck goes to the hairdressers.
Hilarious when Christer and the other guys all sit together waiting for their womenfolk to get their hair done.  Whilst gossiping.

Puck to Barbara:
Who bought you the dress?”

Puck has a collection of Fair Isle jumpers.

Puck and Eje.
“A man is dead Eje!”
“A man is always dead!”
shouting at the top of his voice.
Then there is the calm after the storm.
“I love you, no one else!”
“I love you..”
Smoochie.  Smooch.

Christer is doing his Poirot questioning.

Barbara to the Vicar:
I want you to know if you hear bad things about me, I am innocent..”

Christer to the Blonde lady, Telka:
“Shall we bring your secrets out into the open?”..

Eje and Puck and Christer.
Eje is trying to help with the crime solving again.  And he is just getting in the way.

The murderer: “ was touching something..”

Christer at the end: it is New Years Eve.
Christer picks up the book from the beginning of the episode:
“Puck wrote a book!”
Ding dong, ding dong..

Christer smokes outside in grey green shadow night.  His pale cream car glows behind.
Noooo!  (Puck-he’s leaving!)
( fireworks explode)
(Puck comes outside to wish Christer Happy New Year)
“Where do you think we will all be, this time next year?”
Christer answers Puck: 
“That, my dear Mrs. Bure, is a secret known only in the stars..”

“In Mona Lisa’s eyes, I am lost in her gaze..”
“How it taunts me..
 (maracas play)
“the secrets that she holds..”
“When mysteries unfold..”
“In Mona Lisa’s eyes.”
“I’m lost in her gaze…”
“Oh how it taunts me..”
“Her beautiful face it”
“will forever haunt me..”


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