Crimes Of Passion Episode Five. Some notes and dialogue followed directly by review. Minor Spoilers. On in the UK: BBC4 or Channel number 107 on Virgin Media TV. Saturdays @ 9pm. Six Episodes.

Crimes of Passion
Episode Five.

A girl gets a treasured book: “Dias” by Andrea Ditnam.  But nothing in the pages.

Palest greens inside.

(rain falls)

(wind blows)

Uh oh.  Down at the lake: we are having a Top Of The Lake moment.

“In the darkest hour there is a shadow”
“smothering the sky in darkest fears,”
“there is somewhere far away there is a melody”
“hear her final words of despair..”


Puck and Einar/ Eje discuss the same book, Dias.
“His depiction of women is not to my taste!”
..”cultural elitists, like you! (ouch)

Puck is going to work for the author of the book above.
“He is going to love you!”
“Not too much I hope!”

Already there is someone staring down from the window of the writer’s mysterious and isolated house.

The writer’s son is Paul from the Swedish series Never wipe Away Tears Without Gloves.  Here he is Jon, in a younger incarnation.

Jon: (about his half brother)
“Poor Paul was born with a heart problem, he must not exert himself”..
(curtains soon for him then)

Already Puck has found the mysterious set of rooms or wing of the house all covered up with dust sheet.  Why?  Me I have half been expecting her to find a locked away officially disturbed relative in a secret room for a while now.

Puck to the writer:
“How do you convey women so well?”
He dictates:
“Her body…”

Writer to Puck:
“Where have you been all my life?”
“I doubt I was thought of for most of it!”

Puck has a very modern looking typewriter with white pearly keys.  Perhaps it is the very latest thing.

Puck and the son of the writer, Jon.
“Beautiful place!”
“I brought it home from Paris..”

The Writer:
“Here is my fantastic secretary, Mrs. Bure..”

Gregor Islander and the Doctor.
The Doctor to Paul:
“Do not exert yourself..”
“Jawvol, Herr Doctor!”
(they all laugh)

There is a stuffed pelican bird on the shelf in the drawing room.

A lot of the time in Crimes Of Passion I am simply drinking in the stunning colours of the scenes not to mention the scene setting: the furniture and so on.

But wait, Puck has woken up with a bad dream and things are going bump in the night.  Or more correctly: “thump”.  Uh oh..

The victim: (looking at Puck)

Doctor to Puck:
“He must have been crying out:

Someone is listening in on Puck on the telephone.  This may have been before extension lines.

Next thing you know: Yey!  it is Christer.

The sister of Jon to Christer:
“What is it?”
“You are beautiful, that is all!”

Cecilia (wife of Jon, the son of the writer) de-constructs the book Dias.  Ha ha.

The family Doctor comes.  The wife is weird around him.  She is still stunningly beautiful and really does look like she is an old famous film star.

Christer has to stand up for Puck in the face of several, patronising and dismissive men.

Puck to Christer:
“How do you kill someone without leaving a trace?”

The writer to his wife: (at dinner)
“What is this effluent you are giving me?”!

Detective Christer Wuijk: (to the local Police Constable)
“Get the food analysed and do a background check on everyone!”
That was so modern!

Crimes of Passion gets all kinds of serious.

(ticking) is repeated at intervals throughout this episode.

Detective Christer Wuijk’s interviews in particular are beautiful and unusual sets of paired interviewees.  This is Christer’s episode.  As he interviews, puffing on his pipe.  Plus he has rallied for Puck.

Christer has the most amazing material for his suit.  He has an incredible sort of Tweed and green, mildly plaid,suit.

Christer to Puck:
“Love, a marriage without..”
“I don’t think they felt bound by those restrictions!”
Christer is nearly giggling.  Then Puck reaches down and throws him a blanket.  For the sofa.

Puck and Christer have been forced to share a hotel room.

Oh my Lord.  What did I tell you.  I knew it.

Detective Christer actually quotes the commandments at a suspect.  Both hilarious and genius.

Christer is an arch genius interviewer.

The family Doctor has some incredible almost modern designer glasses on.

Puck and the sister of Jon.

The son of the writer with his flowers and PUck.
“THey need room, to grow..”

Yey!  Christer saves the day again.

Christer is doing his own new and improved Hercule Poirot questioning of the gathered family.

Christer and Einar:(meet at the hotel)
“But any woman would do for you!”

Hilarious is the chase scene in fantastical cartoon green light. Christer’s car stalls and stalls again!

I love how Crimes Of Passion lets us think a crime is solved and then lets us relax a bit until later when look out, here come a whole other twist.

“She was in her eight month, our parents were dead..”

Blimey, back in the day they just used to break the glass top of the test tube and stick the syringe in.

(muffled shouting)

Grasses blow in the white snow like a Japanese painting made film

Christer to Puck:
“To think you would rather risk your life than share a room with me!”

Christer manages to hold her hand whilst Einer is holding it too.

Those divine violins and cellos are joined now by piano as the scene ends on a happy backwards view of Christer, putting his trilby hat on.  His hat is like it is in shadow.  That 1940’s film noire Private Investigator look.

As I was saying, Christer looks down over Puck, his face lighting up like an exploding star.  In spite of Einar actually holding Puck’s hand at the same time Christer manages to steal the scene completely: both for Puck and the viewer.

“Are you going back to Stockholm?” asks Puck, clearly looking up at Christer with a look of love.  it maybe the morphine that is making her face seem more relaxed around the edges.  The creaminess of Puck’s translucent almost skin is softened, like some painting in motion.

That is what watching Crimes Of Passion is for me. Like some surreal slideshow of ancient Masters with gilded frames that hang, crowded in museums.  Add a touch of 1950’s style and stir.  All the paintings have come to life.

Running deep and threading throughout like dark molasses treacle: we have the richness of the human story.  With some wonderful ensemble performances as well as the smaller scale story of the growing love of Christer for Puck.

Along with the same story for Puck, the dawning of her feelings for Christer from that first flush to the deepening of the day.


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