Wentworth Prison Series Two- Episodes One and Two-Minor Spoilers. Some notes and dialogue with My Review PART ONE at the end. Channel Five in the UK or Channel number 105 on Virgin Media TV Wednesdays @10pm

Wentworth Prison Series Two
Episode One:
Born Again

TV Preview:
“A new Governor arrives in Wentworth and loses no time in establishing control.  Dissatisfied with the lax regime, Joan Ferguson sets her sight on ridding the prison of drugs and and replacing top dog Frankie Doyle with Bea smith”.

Joan Ferguson:
“Society thinks it’s our job to correct them..”
“not to pander..”
she continues:
“”Today,  that confidence ends, today we shut their systems down”
“We stamp out their opportunities, we destroy their networks”
“This is a prison, we are in charge!”

“And who are you?!”
Joan Ferguson:
“My name is Miss Ferguson.”
“But you can call me the Governor!”

Doreen and Frankie.
“Don’t know much about her”
“Except that she cleaned up Queensland..”

“Know how the Romans did this?”
“Get in the room, both of you..”

So Joan Ferguson is proper scary.  Plus she cleans her hands with antibacterial gel after shaking hands.

Bea is back.

Doreen and Liz come to see Bea.  Who is really not very well.  Plus things are about to get a whole lot worse as Ferguson the new Governor reverses a reform made in the prison by Erica.

Oh no.  It seems that Ferguson has a habit of watching the prison on closed circuit television camera on her laptop.
And Ferguson and Frankie lock horns.

Ferguson to Franky:
“I was disappointed, I had high hopes for us..”
“You know the worst thing about being on top Frankie?”
“The only way is down..”

You don’t scare me!”
“The women might fall for that tough guy act but I have seen the letters..”

Frankie to Bea:
(Bea, lying soaked and frightened on the floor)
“Sorry Bea, just something I had to do”!.

Joan Ferguson & Prison Officer Will Jackson.
“The first thirty hours are the worst..”

And Bea goes through a thousand nights of the living dead, in her head.

Doreen and Liz look after Bea.  As she stumbles out into the yard.  Brokenly.  Then Bea lifts up her head from bowed and her eyes flash from under her hoodie.
Bea is back.

Uh oh.  It’s the laundry room.

Liz is the peer worker.  Her and Doreen are probably my favourite characters.  Along with Frankie at the same time.

Prison Governor Joan Ferguson and Doreen.
“You wanted to see me?”..
“Yes, come over here…”

& Boomer is crying in a corner.

Bea to Debbie:
“I gotta go now,  I have a reason,  I know what I have gotta do now”
“I am gonna kill the fucker!”

“I have lost too much love to distrust”
“You threw away the key to your heart..”
“Don’t get burned it makes it easier”
“Love ain’t fear so free yourself”
“My love my love”
“Your heart is a mess”
“It makes no sense but I am desperate to correct..”
“You can’t live like this..”


End of Episode One notes and dialogue.


Episode Two.

Notes and dialogue.

Boomer to Bea:
“Sorry about the whole dunking your head in the water thing!”

Will Jackson, the kindly Prison Officer to Bea:
“Taking up sketching again? It’s good to have a hobby”!
“Yeah, sure” says Bea.
(hiding the research on Brayden)

Finally, there is a new woman inmate.

I have already spotted a knitting needle in the women’s recreation /free time.  There was I thinking that only the laundry room was dangerous.  Knitting needles with Frankie nearby.

Poor, beautiful Sun Lee, so young.  Not a good first day for here.  She must be terrified.

There are several Hitchcock horror laden scenes.  Especially involving bloodstained hands and the washing thereof.

Sun Li turns out to be Korean.  She is now in an increasingly looking sticky situation.

Things come good for Doreen.  We can only hope that it will last.

Uh oh I knew Frankie would not have enough patience..

Bea and the Psychiatrist.
“What makes you angry Bea?”
“Answering stupid questions!”

We see Bea slowly turning into Jacs.  Just with bigger, better, brighter hair.


You just know all this is going to go horribly wrong..

Bea lies supine in the darkness.  Her radiant red hair spread all around,  Smiling.
(switch clicks)

Joan Ferguson to Bea:
“Doctor Lynch feels it would benefit you to have a purpose”
“You can choose to be who you are..to be in control..”
Joan continues:
“Do you feel helpless?”
“Well I guess it beats feeling helpless.!”

Joan Ferguson and Vera the Prison Officer.
“Vodka and soda OK?”
“I would make Mojitos but I am fresh out of lemon and lime..”
Is Ferguson more then interested in Vera?  I wonder.

Joan is getting scarily girly and giggly.  Somehow this is severely sinister. Joan is picking Vera’s brains.
“So what was in this journal?”..

Oh my good God.  This episode is not for the faint hearted.

Harry to Bea:
“There is twelve foot of razor wire between you and Brayden Holt!”..


End of notes and dialogue for episode two.


First Review PART ONE

So Wentworth Prison is dreadfully dark really.  But we knew that.  Especially if you have seen Series One.  If you have not, no matter since what exactly happened at the end of Series One is finally spelled out in Episode Two.  It is nearly:blink and you will miss it. The explanation that is.

As in Series one where I experienced faint flashbacks to dim and distant aspects of the original Prisoner Cell Bock H: so it was here.

Yet the bone crushingly severe presence of Joan Ferguson in this series is ringing a few bells in the vault of my memory.  Clang, clang, the bells go.  If they could.

I think I mentioned somewhere in my write-ups for series one that the original Australian series Prisoner Cell Bock H had an evil and unpredictable woman governor locked in battle with the eponymous good deputy Governor.

So last series Erica did not fit the bill of the nasty governor.  Erica was nice.  A bit prone to romantic leanings and yearning towards the irascible and explosive Frankie.

Interestingly, we learn that Erica, the past governor and Joan Ferguson the newly minted hell on wheels governor both share a fondness for surveillance.  Joan observes what is meant to be a private consultation.  Unless those rules do not apply in a prison.

The Psychiatrist certainly, is still bound by the rules of confidentiality.  Unless he is in on the whole thing and has written the required report.  For Ferguson.  Is everything that Joan Ferguson does going to be weird and creepy?  Probably.  We shall see.

Well apart from the vegetable patch.  Doreen and the mysterious bearded new apprentice, sent to fix the shack into a greenhouse, have met.  Then find a bird’s nest with a baby birdie.  Ah.

All is bliss as they, Doreen and smiling apprentice builder, white T-shirt and all, are both crouched down and feeding the large now, black and white bird.  Its big beak open, waiting for scraps.

Individually and together, not looking at each other but instead at the bird (with Doreen being far too shy for looks)  Doreen and the builder smile in synchrony.  There is an unseen glow around them.

A rare ray of happiness breaks through Wentworth Prison’s walls like sunlight, or a sunbeam dancing in the darkness with dust.


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