Under The Dome Series Two Episode One directed by Stephen King. A one off small review & dialogue. Some Spoilers. Channel 5 in the UK or Channel 105 on Virgin TV Mondays @ 10pm. Nb. see: www.Channel/demand5 for Demand5 catch-up TV

Episode One.
Directed by Stephen King.

Re-cap of last week and then right into the continuing action.  Plus the forever handsome square jawed and forever noble Barbie is in really rather a predicament.

Linda saves the day. Yey Linda.

Classic Stephen King opening: the hero, a lone man and his day to day inner life is shown.  Another intensely handsome man.  So he is called Sam Devereux.
“..something you never get over..”

I must say I am really enjoying the Stephen King influence on the direction.  It is all great, classic horror stuff. An evil shot is of the Sheriff after an altercation with Barbie.  The Sheriff  with bloodstained teeth, snarling almost slightly as he talks.

On the subject of the hateful evil Sheriff: ha ha I remember this bit from the book..

The Sheriff’s vision.
The Sheriff looks at Dodee, his vision who says:
“You, you did this,.”
“Pokes a finger into the bullet hole in her shoulder. Pulls out her finger, covered with  blood.  Holds up her
finger to the sheriff.  Covered in blood.

Well I dunno but Sam Devereux seems a bit shady to me. he is just a bit too good to be true.  Past history
notwithstanding.  And then there is the girl..

Sheriff to his vision:
“Shut up and be dead!”

Beautiful music plays. Junior ambles along, it is a calm and sunny day.  For a while..
I didn’t spot that dream sequence.

Julia & Barbie
The star-crossed lovers embrace.  Smoochie.  Smoochie.

Sheriff: to another vision of a dead person:
“What the hell are you supposed to be?”
“The Ghost of Christmas future?!”
Vision to Sheriff Jim:
“Time is running out Kim, but it’s not too late..”
“For what?”
“To learn the meaning of sacrifice..”
“To save your son”..

Blimey. This is cheerful.  Not.  Don’t remember this bit.  Me not gonna look.  OK I am still not looking.

Ha ha!  Stephen King appears!  See if you can spot him.  He has two short lines.  Stephen King did a Hitchcock!

Brilliant stuff.  I am confused.  Is the dome down then?
Uh oh..
Supposedly Sheriff Jim has turned over a new leaf but Angie sure ain’t buying it.  (Angie is my favourite character)

Here comes the mysterious Sam Devereux.  We find out who he is.  Ah ha.  It is looking like Junior’s vision wasn’t a dream sequence after all and I was right.  Quite proud of my dream sequence scorecard.  Not really.

Oh no!

Never a good idea  to stand around in darkened high school corridors.  At night.  In horror movies.  Or TV Series.  In an episode directed by Stephen KIng.

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