Crimes Of Passion Episode Four-Minor Spoilers only-On in the UK BBC4 or Channel number 107 on Virgin Media TV Saturdays @ 9pm. Six episodes.

Crimes Of Passion Episode Four

Clairvoyant, Fanny:
“She was called odd Gertrude, Gertrude Uddgren,”
“She came at midnight, passing the old wild roses..”
“floating through the mist..”
“down to the old earth cellar..”
“wild and carefree..”
“But the wailing is enough to freeze the blood in your very veins!”..

Gabrielle: (Christer’s fiancée)
Swedish sounds almost the same for murdered.
(I love how Swedish people say murdered)

Clairvoyant Fanny: (doing a Tarot card reading)
“I have seen these cards before,
“roses, kisses and death…”
Fanny looks across the table at Christer and Gabrielle.

Then the servant girl runs through the emerald green forest, in the black night.

“Far away there is a melody..”
“love you to death..”


Why is Eje now introducing himself as Einar?  Is Eje his nickname?  Plus why is his hair now dark and he is wearing glasses.  For a moment I thought they had changed actors but it is definitely him.

Puck is ill and has one of those original flowered eiderdowns.

Puck falls asleep and when she wakes up there has been another bad thing happen.  Already.

So the paint palette is getting all shades of Chagall paintings of blue at night along with some incredible green and grey.

Gabrielle’s father to Puck:
“Have you ever been to the Riviera?”
“You would be a hit, petite, elegante, with spirit..”

Eje has a go at theorising a case along with Puck and Christer  Of course this will never work.

Aunt Fanny to Puck:
“But you must stay, for Christer’s sake?”
“It is critical..”
“But Christer has Bella..”

The town Doctor has a stuffed owl on a perch in his office!
It must have been the fashion.

Christer is good at nicking incriminating evidence from just under the nose of suspects.

Puck is on a walk, fag in hand.

“Grandpa said forget about romance, go for style, ambition and class!”

Another electric blue night with water as well in added blue.

(dog whines)
Christer’s shadow makes a classic 1940’s Private Detective shape in an equally classic glass paned investigator’s door.

Christer to suspect:
“Even Playboys get old..”

The piano has a Lyre for a base.

Helene has a green silk shift dress the same colour as the forest.

“I go by facts, not intuition!”
Isabelle to Christer:
“Fall in love with her instead!” (Puck)
“At least you will have the same interests!”
Puck clears her throat, embarrassed.

The blue night and sea.  They have added a luminous crescent moon.

Incredible forest of green with tall grass.

Christer uses telephones seamlessly.

The moon, rather quickly, has become a pebble shaped oval, hanging in the sky.

So it turns out to be the least likely person.  I had wondered however.

Uh oh.  Seriously sinister scene.  More incredibly shaded colours of door, wall and floor.
(stairs creak)

Christer to Puck:
“I am glad you chose a man who can take care of you..”
“That is paramount, isn’t it?”
They look at each other then away, then back at each other again.  Ah.

Puck to Christer:
“Maybe you are misreading things..people are not themselves..”
“On the contrary, me too,”
“So much so that I would run away if I were you..”

Puck and Christer touch heads, holding hands, clasped above both chests.
The moment stretches out for half a forever.

(scraping and movement upstairs)

Police Constable of the town to Christer:
“The forensic anthropologist’s report is here”
Lucky they had that (forensics) then.

Christer to suspect:
“A true romantic would not have been put off for a woman’s supposed lack of honour..”
“He would see her for who she was!”

I love how even the murderer’s confession is terribly polite.
The murderer puts one slim finger, slightly leaning towards their temple and sort of smiles.

Christer stares at Belle.

It is all most intense.

Christer: to Puck.
“Roses, kisses and death..”

He walks away after a casual but heartbroken kiss on the cheek, to Puck.

Christer to Helene:
“Where will you go now?”
“I have never been to Stockholm..”

The End.


So episode four was all that I could have wished for and more.  In my predictions and descriptions last week of the love triangle of Eje, Puck and the irascible dashingly handsome Christer.

Plus there was bounteous colours galore. Crimes Of Passion continues to excel and extend itself every episode with its experimental and alluring palette of colours.

Crimes Of Passion is almost like art in motion.  Interspersed with wry and measured interludes of speech.  There are questionings by Christer and some of his early interview tricks.  Psychological games that he plays with his suspects.

Whilst smiling all the time and intermittently puffing on a pipe.

Then there is Christer’s interplay with Puck.  Her sparkling and bright demeanour whenever she is with him: Puck and Christer’s conversations likewise spark off each other.

There was that endless, romantic moment.  When stood together almost but not quite touching like lovers at a train station.  Saying unsaid heartfelt goodbyes.  Puck and Christer clasped hands against each other’s hearts and touched each other’s heads like some far away ritual greeting.

Both heads and hearts.  Ah.

If you think about it their shape in this tableau was of a full triangle.  One might even fancifully describe the shape as a heart.  Together Puck and Christer are strong, together they are even more clever.

Puck is Dr. Watson to Christer’s Holmes.



Nb. I fear that the above mentioned change in Eje/ Einar’s appearance is to denote that he is now older and or more officially fuddy duddy.  Hence no more shirtlessness.

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