The Killing Series Four-Minor Spoilers-Final episode Six some notes & dialogue with Final Review PART THREE at the end. On Netflix.

The Killing Series Four-Episode Six-The Final Episode

Some notes and dialogue and sound description.

wtf. This is cheerful.  It isn’t a dream is it?  Yep!  I was right.
(gunshot echoes)
Um excuse me, how can you have sound description in a dream?!

So Linden woke up alone.  Things didn’t pan out like I hoped.

More beautiful overflying shots.


The outside of Linden’s lovely clap-board house is sky blue.

So Linden is looking for something…

More lake.

Sarah Linden:
“You’re safe here on the island, nobody knows you’re here..”
(err yeah but conversely that situation could also be a drawback.  if he did do it that is….)

Linden’s guest:
“Is this why you’re here, so nobody can find you?”

Back at the beautiful blue island..
Sarah is back at the white house.. where the blood spatter almost looks like an unusual but red Jackson Pollock.  A whole new series.

Oh dear.  Flashback time.

Suspect & Linden.
Linden is being way, way too helpful.. However maybe she is playing him, smiles sweetly:
“then tell me, tell me what you did..”

Boy, this is cheerful.

Linden has a sit-down with Reddick.  Then the Senator comes in! (its the guy from The Killing 1 & 2)

Reddick to Sarah:
“It’s always the one with the conscience…maybe that’s not enough..”

Reddick leaves Linden the lighter with the pack, she slides it away.  I could look for hours at Linden’s face.  Which we do.

Then, in a lovely scene Linden goes up toward the one way mirror, which Holder is behind..

But wait, what is that Sarah Linden has left on the table, next to the cigarettes with lighter on top?

Holder meets Kallie’s Mum, Danette, to make amends.

But then Holder goes to a graveside,,
Holder has such an expressive face.

Even though we don’t know the name of the gravestone we know it by what is written on the back.

Linden is outside her house on a sunny day for once.  She looks around.  Like she is not used to the sunlight/ daylight.

Could this be a murder free day?  Could this be the end?

Oh no.  Happy times.  Very happy times.  Please don’t let  anything tragic happen to Holder’s life.
Holder is running the Narcotics anonymous meeting!
“The Eleventh step, God as you define her!”
Ha ha.

Sarah & Holder.
“Yo, Linden, 1-900!”
he continues:
“”Yeah, happy, joyous and free, that’s me!”

“There is no bad guy, there is just, you know, life..”
she continues:
“I never really had a house to grow up in,”
“I was always looking for that thing”
“So I think maybe, home was us,”
“in that car, smoking cigarettes..”

“Close your eyes, maybe you will see who is standing in front of you..”
“I should get a ticket..”

No!…he asked you to stay Linden!  Why?  why don’t you get to be happy!  He luuurrves you!…

Sarah drives, rain drops gather as droplets on the window of her car.

Really cool music and singing ensues.
(Sarah drives through Seattle)

Sarah has stopped off to gaze out at another lake.  Double blue scarf around her neck.
She has on fresh lipstick..


end of notes and dialogue snippets of episode six


Final Review PART THREE

So that was short and sweet as a series.  Compared to Series three.  On consideration The Killing Four was somewhat similar in setting to the Military background of Forbrydelsen Three.  Only six episodes compared to ten of Series three.

Series Four follow followed on from series three directly in time.  Which i enjoyed as a dramatic device.  This is how series one went over to series two of The Killing remake now, i remember.  However in that instance the crime had not been solved.  This time the crime, pretty much,has.

Series four does have a new case but concurrently deals with the aftermath of series three.  Thus does series four take on a dual nature as a kind of extended prologue to a storyline begun but not yet ended from series three.

The two story lines: the new case and the undercover (secret) storyline ramped up the tension and added to the whole heap of horror laden atmosphere hanging all over this series.

This series, apart from the similar ongoing storyline strand from series three is a completely different kettle of fish entirely.  As always, The Killing remake dares to be different.  The Killing has a particular flair for creating something different and extra from the classic Detective murder mystery.

Forbrydelsen is The Killings touchstone, a touch point, from which the remake takes broad themes and add in there something alternate as another storyline.  With a whole other twist.

The new twist is a storyline with its own inherent dramatic tension and suspense.  The story lines operate alternately throughout.  Later, the stories bleed into and feed each other.  Ratcheting even further higher: the dramatic tension, horror quotient and suspense.

Series four is also an unusual, tender and terrible tale told in psychological close-up, of the reactions of Holder & Linden’s characters to stress and how their relationship evolves as a result.

Linden and Holder separately devolve backwards to old habits, demons, obsessions and in Linden’s case: nightmare visions of awfulness.  Herself as a child.  Not looking good. The pin-wheel.  Of course.
I do love to spot a dream sequence before it becomes known as one.  Although I guess most cases are pretty obvious.  Some not.

Poor Linden.  She meets a ghost of her childhood past.  Now all alone, shrunken and bird-like, mute in her appeal from huge brown unblinking eyes.

But Linden cannot forgive.  There is too much pain for her,  Imagine knowing (of) and then seeing the pictures of the brand new family.  Linden will never forgive.  That will be her burden to bear.

However Linden did something else to reach out to this figure from her past, an action that actually involved trust on Linden’s behalf.  Which is pretty good for her.

The very ending of this series was a little left-field.   Although we had an inkling of this scenario signposted in a scene right back in series three.  It was all a bit twee for me.  As romantic and loving of happy endings i may be.

Holder and Linden I find to be an immensely likeable and engaging dramatic Detective duo.  The examination of their relationship and their singular and separate disintegrations in this series almost dwarfed the on-going murder investigation.

However as with Series three, the murder investigation is a fully fledged storyline of its own.  Theories of culprits abound as we follow the progress of the investigation and the story of Kyle at the military Academy.

Considering how long we spend a viewers gazing upon Lin den’s face, it is only towards the end of this series that I noticed a full and long close-up of Holder’s face,  This is a pivotal moment and we see one emotion after another pass across Holder’s face.

It is a testament to the skill of the actor and actress involved, that we as viewers have learnt, as we think, to discern Holder and Linden’s emotions from their mostly impassive faces.  In contrast to Linden’s face, so inscrutable in repose, Holder’s face in the moment described above signals every feeling.  Whilst he says nothing.

It looks like this could be the end of The Killing remake series.  The story all nicely tied up with a bow.
Or is it?…


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