The Killing (remake) Series Three-Episodes 9 & 10-Minor Spoilers Some snippets of dialogue with final review at the end. The Killing (remake) is on Netflix. New Series Four of The Killing starts today 1st August 2014

The Killing Series Three Episodes 9 & 10 and final review

Episode nine

Some snippets of dialogue.
(and sound description)


The Prisoner Ray Seaward to Linden:
“Did you notice the two Larch trees when you came in?”

Linden to Prison Guard Becker:
“46-503-Dc Policy..I’ll call your Captain!”
“I hear the last meal is a tour de force..”

This is a tenseful scene.

This is a clever device bringing together Linden from the outside, inside: to become part of the ratcheting tension of the Prison drama and the countdown on Ray Seaward’s life.

Holder to young boy, Adrian:
“You wanna smoke?”!
Holder is drunk.
“You’re acting drunk!”
“Acting? I am drunk!”
he continues
“You know what? I better go get me re-upped..”
“Knowing what a serial re-upper I be”!

Then, as night follows day, Holder stumbles into the Prison graveyard.

Ray Seaward to Linden:
“It was a nice try though..”

Holder to Linden:
“Those who leave people behind end up losing everyone..”

Holder does Adrian’s hair:
“You need some gel, you look like Denis The Menace..”
Holder has created a new little man.
“There you go, little man..”

Ray Seaward & Linden.
“You know those trees lose their leaves so fast, it goes so quick..”

“Look outside your window Ray, you’ll see them”!
“Think about the trees”
Think about the trees Ray”
“Keep looking out the window Ray!”

Boy, this sure is intense.. It was only a little while ago I was thinking the drama was getting goofy even.  That seems like a long time ago now.

Thank goodness. The shot scene has all gone a bit blurry now.  Linden is there.
(I’m getting ready with my hat to pull it down over my eyes)

Prison Official:
“There will be no entering or exiting during the procedure..”

“Salisbury steak is not steak, it’s ground beef..”

Well.  My good God.  That was some heavy as in dread, episode.  I’m off to make a cup of tea.  I am sure that will make it all seem better.


Episode Ten

Linden is out jogging in the forest.

Sunlit trees of dappled green.  Linden stops in a field.  She sees a strange, singular tree on its own.  Mist is rising from the grass ahead.  Linden breathes in and closes her eyes.  Magical mystical type music plays.  I kept expecting Linden to find a body  But no.  She is having a meaningful moment.  Like meditating.

Then, oh no, comb-over Police Boss Skinner turns up at Linden’s house and announces that his wife has kicked him out.
Linden isn’t gonna wanna know.

Skinner to Linden:
“We talk about buying a boat, retiring, but I don’t want a boat, I don’t wanna retire..”
he continues:
“People like you and me, maybe we’re meant to be alone..”

Church bells are ringing. Its morning..
(birds chirping)

Holder is going to Church.  A funeral.
(Danette sobbing)

Kallie’s Mum to Holder:
(wood creaking)
“I told Bullet about how I would play hide and seek with Kallie when she was little,, I’d count to five, and she would be standing right in front of me!”
she continues:
“If only it was that easy, huh?”

At the prison.
(cell door clicking)
Becker & Henderson.
The prison drama continues..

Holder & Linden.
You look nice, took a shower, freshened up?..”
“You ain’t tracking out on me then?”
“So what’s up with you and the Boss man?”

Linden and Holder are so jolly, laughing and riding along you just know something truly awful will shortly happen.

(woman vocalizing)
Vocalizing being kind of a chanting singing.

(tires screech)
(That’s twice now-somebody can’t spell tyres)

Linden excels at Detective work in the Forest.

Linden & the murderer.
I knew it, he was playing her all along.  An ice cream truck goes by:
“Stay cool with Mr. Cool”
Don’t tell me Linden is just gonna stand there?

Well you gotta hand it to The Killing.  It always pulls a big one out of the bag.  Their lucky bag of tricks.

Even now, he is still talking all pretty to Linden:
” I wish you would have seen it in the daylight,”
“the water was beautiful,”
“cold and deep”.

“Its the loneliest thing in the world, waiting to be found”..
She cries.

(loon calls)

Aha, another recreation of a Forbrydlesen scene.  That makes two.  (both scenes from Forbrydelsen One)

I was pleased that I predicted the appearance of a certain something before it slowly arose into our vision.  However thinking about it this (appearance) was signposted, subtly, along the way.


Review/ thoughts

Overall I felt that this series and its storyline or more correctly multiple story lines, was affecting and it was all intensely believable.  Well mostly.  Affecting as in affecting us as viewers.  The emotions were raw, the relationships were realistically raw.  The story lines were all realistic.  The multiple relationships portrayed went through cataclysmic events and changes along with the characters.

Holder and Linden’s relationship as portrayed was touching and fascinating to watch.  How Holder goes and pulls Linden, limpet-like clinging onto her new and ordered life.  Certainly this part of the beginning of this series mirrored nearly exactly the set up of Sarah Lund in Forbrydelsen Two, quietly working on the Passport Office, at the docks.

Not sure is the same type of case follows though, in Forbrydelsen Two.  There is no mirroring of prison drama side to the storyline in Forbrydelsen Two. Or any of the Forbrydlesens to my recall.  Of course there is no chance of that anyway since there is no death row in Denmark.

I did have an awful moment of questioning whether the preoccupation with this story line and its ultimate conclusion one way or the other: was one of those increasingly topical points being inserted artificially into dramas these days.

I can pinpoint where the narrative thread of the investigation into the runaway kids broke.  For me it was when Bullet was seen waiting for someone, sitting alone in a diner.  Even before this point, I was having problems following and keeping up with the logic of the runaway kids investigation.  

Plus, several of the teenage girls looked quite alike and Holder and Linden seemed to have forgotten about Kallie sometimes.  At least one body was not identified properly and one would have thought fairly useless burial sites glowed orange in the forest.

I was never really convinced of any of the plot in this investigation, nor of the guilt of the various suspects. Apart from the obvious.

The runaway kids story ran on its own merit and mostly down to the incandescent acting and the character of Bullet.

There was a point for me at which the runaway kids story lost its heart and became way flatter, way sadder. But then that was what happened in the story itself.

Perhaps this meandering trail of the narrative of the runaway kids investigation is explained by the identity of the final reveal: of the murderer.

Or perhaps the dip in this narrative is due to the over-arching influence of the prison drama story line and its ticking clock dramatic countdown device.  There may be a proper name for this in a drama.

Perhaps it is Linden, swanning off at increasingly frequent intervals from the runaway kids investigation in order to visit Ray Seaward at the Prison.

Of course Linden is trying to save Ray Seaward’s life and gather clues from him that may help his case.  Linden becomes locked in a relationship with Ray Seaward.  As do we.

As it did in Series One and Two, The Killing excels here at its evocation of cloudy blue, rainy Seattle and it’s lakes.  There were repeated descriptions of:
 (seagulls crying)
 at one point:
(loon calling).
 So the area must be near the sea. I need to check my geography.

There are stunning shots of lake, city and forest. I was going to say sea.  But I’m not sure. Maybe seagulls hang out on huge lakes.  The forests in particular are almost ancient in their presence if not in the age of the trees.


Holder’s girlfriend was in the LA Complex.


Today, 1st August, is the première of Season / Series Four of The Killing on Netflix.

Netflix Preview:
“The disappearance of a Seattle girl sets in motion this moody crime series centering on a conflicted Detective who is working the case”.

There is an accompanying stills photo of the back of Linden, long ponytail tumbling down her back, gazing at a badly blood spattered bed.  With white sheets for better effect.

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