The Killing (remake) Series Four-Episodes 4 & 5-Minor Spoilers-Some notes and dialogue with Review PART TWO at the end. On Netflix

The Killing (remake) Series Four-Episodes Four & Five

Some notes dialogue and sound description.
(on first watching)

Episode Four

At the Military Academy.
(rain pattering)
Beautiful piano music plays.

“I saw my little sister..”

I can’t believe that is Colonel Rayne waltzing!  I have seen her waltzing before and never recognised her.  Oh no, I’ve been seeing this for a while now..Kyle is learning to waltz.

Beautiful violin music plays.
(waltz music fades)
More beautiful blue grey over-flying shots of sea/ lake and marina with boats.

Holder and Linden are in the Military Academy.

The camera keeps focusing on the name plate: Stansbury on the door.  Its proper Stephen King.

Holder goes to Church.
(choir singing in Latin)

I am sticking to my original suspect.

So glad Linden finally told the fully patronising Reggie where to get off.

It’s raining again.

Nothing like a drive in the countryside looking at stinky ass toilets”!

Linden to Holder:
“Its kind of the only thing that matters, if you’re there..”
“You seem to think that I’m OK?!”
“Yeah, you a 1-900 Rock Star!”

“It’s not just some church, its Our Lady Of Monastery, the nuns here, they sing, they live here..”
“They never leave..”


end of episode Four


Episode Five

(muffled sirens)
We just hear a double beat like a heart-beat and muffled sound all a round.  And everything is from Linden’s
perspective.  It is her heart beat.  Just like in Edgar Allen Poe.  The Tell-Tale Heart.

This scene really reminds me of a very similar scene in Low Winter Sun.

Holder is being mean.  Real mean.

The whole Military Academy story is like The Shining met Twin Peaks.  But then this series is classic horror
enhanced by the backs woods small town feel.

 Linden: (meets a ghost from her past)
“I remember, it was summer and the air smelled like caramelised popcorn”
“Then it got dark, the crowds were pushing, and I dripped my pin-wheel and I lost your hand”
Linden looks at her mother:
“Why did you stop holding my hand?”
she continues:
“I don’t remember how long it took you to find me”
“It took..forever”.

So was that when Linden’s Mum dumped her?  at the fair?  Hope not.

(waltz music playing)
This is more fun..

Emotional moments between Linden and her Mom and between Linden and Jack.
(mouths words)
Linden waves goodbye to Jack.
“I just don’t want her to be alone…

At the Church, Our Lady Of Monastery.
It’s those nuns singing in Latin again:
“Ave Maria…”
Oh no.  Holder:
“Where is he? Where is he?!
Sobbing.  Ah.
Holder is looking for God.  Where is the usual kindly Priest, to come upon Holder, from behind?  Na, The Killing is too cool for such a trope.  Such Priests in dramas only ever give inscrutable answers anywhere.

Oh wait, scrub that, there already was one of those conversations with a Priest and Holder.

End of episode five


Review  Part TWO

Well I am finding the Military Academy story pretty freaky.  The storyline is shot deliberately in sinister,
shadowy shots and inexplicable close-ups.  Like on the name plate of :
“Stansbury” on the wall.

It helps that the Military Academy looks like a cross between a fairy tale castle and a Transylvanian vampire’s lair.  The Academy is set in the forest.  The forest and the lakes that pervade the Killing’s cinematography and scene settings.

I certainly think some of the overflying shots of Seattle, City, lake and the trees upon trees, has attained the dizzying heights of The Bridge.  With its whole portfolio.

A recent still of one of the lakes at night was in half twilight with shadowed silhouetted shapes and a low burning fire glow of sun at the bottom of the sky. Where the sky meets the sea/  lake.


Next review PART THREE at end of Episode Six


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