The Killing (remake) Episodes Two & Three Notes & dialogue with review at end-PART ONE

The Killing Four Episode Two
Some notes and dialogue.

So i think i have spotted a transgender Doctor and the probable perp.

At the military Academy:
“We live our lives according to the code of truth, honour and integrity..”
(Cadets singing in Latin)

Religion’s not conclusive..”

Descheler is interestingly odd.
“The present is..”
“pain teaches us a lesson..”

So the lake house is all white inside.

Holder to Linden:
“What’s the matter?, you afraid to be alone or something?”

Low, incredible over flying shots of the lake at night.

A lovely Hitchcock moment.  Linden, the mirror and a spot of blood.  Oh yes and an open window with just barely billowing curtain behind her.

Holder and his girlfriend.
Holder:”Captain Crunchberries, he knows they make me a better crime-fighter!”

Holder stumbles upon the baby section:
Jack and Lily-My shoes.
A tiny pair of shoes.  Dunno why they call them that.

Oh no.  This isn’t good.  Sheeete.

So the military Academy is in the Forest!  Like a giant Swiss Ch√Ęteau.

“Hold your roll there Captain America, you don’ want to be getting no friendly fire!”

Holder and the Lion.
“Its like training lion, you gotta put them on a pedestal..”
(Ha ha ha.)
he continues:
“That way they think they’re in power, looking down on you.”

Linden & Reddick.
Linden does a genius move just when I thought she would fold!.


end of Episode Two

Episode Three

So now Linden is stalking…um.  Oops. Linden has gone a bit AWOL.

Did I mention that the lake goes into the sea?

Reddick is doing is own investigation.  He even has a classic Detective Mac on.

Another Hitchcockian scene.

Holder.  Ah mate.  Oh dear.
(gasps)  (sniffs)

“Stephen, addict,..God checked out on me, I got a body on my grill, tell me what I’m supposed to do about that shit that is on my scorecard..”

Reddick to Harjo:
“You got good hair kid, hair is wasted on the young..”


end of Episode Three


Review of first few Episodes Part One

So The Killing Four so far is deliciously Hitchcockian.  Horror and suspense abound.  This different, interesting and inherently suspenseful storyline appears to be what The Killing is very good at pulling off.  Indeed The Killing has a flair for this individualistic and unusual brand of horror.

Has anyone ever crammed quite so much small town flavoured horror into a Detective drama.  The Killing manges to inject that horror and suspense into the drama as a whole whilst running the alternate storyline separately.

Frequently, both story lines: the investigation and the accompanying undercurrent of Holder and Linden’s story, feed into each other and ratchet up the other story’s tension.

I do like the extra helping of horror and classic, as in Hitchcockian  suspense in this series so far.  The Killing is always different in its take on Forbrydelsen.


Next review at the end of Episode Five


Nb. There are only six episodes.

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