The Killing Four (remake) Episode One-Minor Spoilers only-Snippets and notes- with review at end of first few episodes. On Netflix

The Killing (remake) Series Four

Review will be at the end of the first few episodes.

Episode One.

Small snippets of dialogue and notes and sound descriptions.
(on first watching)

Opens with an unexpected scene.

Oh.  OK.  I get it its a direct continuation of the ending of series three.

Reddick to Holder:
“What’s wrong with Linden?, she smiled at me!”

Holder to Reddick:
“At least I don’t got no scoliosis of the artery veins like you”!

Linden to Holder:
“”You didn’t have to stay, you didn’t have to help me..”

“Yeah, I did“…

New Crime.
Police Officer:
“There’s more, the children..”

(waltz music playing over speakers)
A couple waltz.

“What’s up with G.I Jane?”

Oh no.   Things get very serious indeed for Linden personally.

“Even with my sun kissed ass!”

Holder to Linden:
“Sun’s up, got my smokes, got a murder case worth working..”

Uh oh.  I think I know who did it.

Holder and kid left after the killing, Kyle.
“East of Eden,its the land of nod..there were two trees..”
He continues:
“I miss my little sister”..
“I know what its like to lose someone..”

More shots of beautiful lake.  And the lake goes out to the sea.

Linden tells a cheerful tale:
“..there was this dying cow..”

Nice lake house place and pool.  Fabulous flying shots of twilight grey and lake.

Sarah goes to investigate the blood spatter at the house, at night, alone, as you do.  Re-living the scene..
Suddenly, she turns around.

Linden to Holder:
Hey, its me, you can see into their house at night, when the lights are on, its a glass box”

Yes, I have always wondered why people wanna live in big glass boxes with no curtains.


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