Prisoners Of War/ Hatufim Series Two-in Hebrew with English subtitles-Final two episodes-notes and dialogue and final review PART TWO at the end. Was on SKY ARTS 1 & SKY Arts 1 Hd on Channel Number 281 and 282 respectively on Virgin Media TV

Prisoners Of War Series Two-Finale
Review PART Two

So Prisoners of War is getting all kinds of topical.
16 years earlier..

back to the present.
Talya & Nimrode.
“You were never afraid”
“I was, I remember looking in your eyes and seeing our whole future together,””
Nimrode holds her hand, on the bench..

Ynon/Ninon & Yael.
“Its the first time  have ever felt anything..”
“Me too..”

Dana & Olin.
“What a house!”
“Very Frank Lloyd-Wright!”
“Dana, you’re young, you’ve never had a long term relationship…”
“You’re a creep and a pervert and you should be ashamed of yourself!”
she continues:
“If i didn’t have a boyfriend, what I wouldn’t do with you!”
She snarls backwards at him as she marches, triumphantly, out of the room.


So the penultimate episode last week i was feeling my heart beat around my rib cage like an overweight hamster trapped in a running cage.  Final episode and did i mention that the action is really nerve wracking.

May i say a brilliant prologue and ending to it as being the beginning of the episode.

Nimrode and Talya in bed.  Talya, you didn’t?  You did.

Haim comes to get Nimrode, they go to get Yuri.  Yuuri, Nimrode come to meet Yael.  Then there’s Yusuf..

Nimrode and Yuri come to see Yael.
“They wanted to send soldiers here but we said we’d come and take you..”

Yael stands there still. Here eyes, huge in her face, still as a stone, tears bursting out unbidden.

Lots of flashbacks that tie things up nicely and so work.


By the way.  As cliffhangers go, the penultimate episode is a pretty damn good one.  I’m still not quite sure how that happened.  Still I will take a happy ending any time.

Talya & Nimrode.
“Since you missed it the first time, two tickets to Gulrit Nuran..”

Iris & Haim.
“What now Haim?”
“Back to normal,”
“Another case..”
(but) Haim is having doubts..hmmm.

Uh oh.  It is looking like there might be another series..



Well I have reviewed that night from an objective (rather than emotional) point of view.  As if, say in a de-briefing session.  There are certainly some questions about that night.  The two point blank shots for a start.

Then, the visit of Mr. and Mrs. Qassab, to their daughter Layla, late at night.  The offer of tea.  Which Mrs. Qassab refuses:
  “Not for me” she says to Layla.

We were only shown the beginning of the sit down between Abdulla, Shaykh Quassab and Yusuf.  What we did see was Yusuf seeming to be quite open about his plan to the other men.  Did the men make a plan?  Was both Abdullah and Quassab, in on it?

Oh yes and then there is the pendant and its contents. which we presume were both present when Yusuf received the pendant as a gift.  From Jamal.  Approximately seventeen years ago.

The plot doth thicken.  Plus Yusuf, (or should i give him his new and original name) is looking all mean in the mirror.

There I was nearly believing in the happy ending.  Yet if Yusuf is in fact a double or is that triple agent, what would be his motivation?  It is unclear.  Unless its not him but Sammy who is the sleeper.  We shall see.  I hear there will be a season three.

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