Note to My Readers-Wentworth Prison Series Two Wednesday @ 10pm on 3rd September 2014. Coming soon: Crimes of Passion BBC4 or Channel #107 on Virgin Media TV also: Glue Channel E4 or Channel 144 on Virgin TV-notes on seeing the trailer for Glue

So Wentworth Prison on Channel five returns-yey!
See here for write-ups of all the episodes bar the final one.  Of the last series.
Also: Channel Five-details.

Preview Posting about Wentworth Prison

Have written a small review of Wentworth Prison in the next posting after this under:
 PROLOGUE to Second Series of Wentworth Prison

Nb. Series One of Wentworth Prison is available on Demand 5 in the UK.
see #wentworthprison

Crimes Of Passion BBC4
In Swedish with English subtitles.
A husband and wife Detective duo set in 1950’s Sweden.
Also, this is not confirmed as yet but by my reckoning BBC4 should be showing:
Crimes Of Passion after Inspector Montalbano finishes. I have seen a brief and fleeting glimpse of an Ad on TV for Crimes Of Passion.  BBC4 sure likes to play its cards close to its chest.

Dear BBC4: we have been waiting a long time for this promised season of new European drama now!  Plus, whatever happened to the interesting looking Australian series: The Code? Plus Hostages/ Bei Aruba?

Crimes Of Passion starts Saturday 30th August@ 9pm on BBC4
First episode of Six.

Channel E4 (from the TV trailer for Glue)
This looks interesting.  Billed as a murder mystery for those who like the British Series Skins.   Looks pretty horror heavy.  Windswept wastelands and the latest thing for countryside murder mysteries: white galloping horses.  Youths setting fire to cars and quasi-gangs marauding out of boredom.  Until, one night, there is a murder…

& Of course there is someone running and looking over his shoulder, in the dark fields..

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