PART TWO Review of Les Limiers/ The Sleuths on TV5Monde Europe Channel number 825 on Virgin Media TV in French with English subtitles (see PART ONE REVIEW 13th August 2014 for more details)
See above link for PART ONE REVIEW posted 16th July 2014

Les Limiers is the story of a crack specialist team of Detectives whose job it is to hunt down missing persons or fugitives that have disappeared.  Sometimes from the scene of a crime..

Les Limiers is set in Paris.

Les Limiers/ The Sleuths updated: Review PART TWO

So it took me up until an episode called :
to get a bit more into Les Limiers.  Not that the storyline is particularly fresh really from everything that TV show viewers of stories such as these will have seen.

However the characters are starting to coalesce, start to play out their individual back stories or secrets. I reckon.

Well certainly this was what happened with Berthauld look alike gel loving female sleuth Detective.  Actually she is kin d of cool.  I was really admiring of her brown jacket and her lively way of talking and moving.  with sensible knee high boots and jeans.

Investigations go all over.  There is plentiful French countryside, hills and valleys and long winding country roads.  The sleuth Detectives follow their prey in the pattern of the person’s last movements using clues sent to them by their Mistress Computer whizz lady.  The Detective are forever zooming off here and there, in their dark blue cars.

The Detective Sleuths stop off intermittently, especially in the fugitive of the case’s really cool and modernistic town or country house or flat in the city.  Then the Detectives search through the house for further clues etc.

 Meanwhile the Detective sleuth team are empathising or not as the case maybe, with any family linked to the fugitive.  All classic drama tropes, since sometimes the family are suspect by association.

However when the fugitive is a particularly sympathetic figure, in fact one that the super sleuth Detectives have discovered is not guilty but innocent: well then the Detectives go all or to help the fugitive and their family.

Thus sometimes the Sleuth Detectives sometimes prevent a crime or another death.  Hence we get a happy ending.

Which all in all is really rather nice.

The Episode “D520” was followed by:
“Predateur” and then:
“Cinquiemme Victime”.

By then I had bought into Les Limiers. Tis true, I could almost feel it metaphorically pulling me:

Don’t reject me me coz I seem a bit crap (as in lightweight) give me a chance..I can see I’m getting your attention with my twangy music..Did you check out the Detectives?   Does the lead Detective have a sad back story involving a mysterious Rachael?  (a secret source of sorrow)

Yes.  I’m in.

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