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Review/ On first watching:

So Dads is actually funny.  It has witty, pun-laden dialogue and daft situations.  Dads features two main men characters: Warner and Eli, whose elderly Dads live with them.

Dads manages to be that thing rarer than the Koh-i-Noor diamond: a comedy situational comedy that is amusing and enjoyable.  Since comedy sit-coms ceased to be funny a really, really long time ago.

OK except some of the antics by Miranda Hart in her sit-com.  Like Miranda’s mooning about love-lorn and obsessed with the love of her life, Gary,  that she had re-created with a mop.  With his photographed paper face head on the top.

Then Miranda took the Gary-mop-head man with her everywhere she went but kept getting stuck in doorways, sideways.  That was funny.

But that, as far as sit-coms went, was it.  Whether American or British.  Since Two and a Half Men lost Charlie Sheen and he got reprogrammed.

So far i have seen two episodes of Dads.  Which relies on the quality of the comedic skills of the two elderly Dads, one of whom is a recognisable American actor i cannot name.  One of the two younger men friends is also recognisable as a fairly well known actor.  Ditto.

It is is all fairly lightweight but fun.  Plus Dads is not afraid to venture against established TV tropes: as in the first episode i saw the red-haired friend dates a single-parent with an ostensibly cute child.  The child turns out to be a foul mouthed bully who proceeds to bully the man.

So Dads is genuinely funny.  I have now watched the whole first series, there are, disappointingly only 18 episodes.  I say that since you would think 20 to be a nice round number. Oh well.

As mentioned in my first thoughts on Dads, the humour of the situational comedy (sit-com) Dads dares to go against accepted stereotypical politically corrected language, jokes and tropes.

The series also goes against stereotypical roles of characters.  The characters in Dads are not the universally expected Dad or son for example. Both the Dads are unusual for older characters in sit-coms.  Of course if you never held those ideas in the first place then there was no stereotype to start with.

The humour in Dads gets progressively harsher and more metaphorically wince-making as the series goes on.
(I note that one joke was tacitly explained later just in case we were worried.)

The two young male lead characters over time grow in comedic flair and in my appreciation of their comic acting skills and timing.

As an ensemble: there is the Dads, plus Edna of course.  Then there is Eli & Warner’s right hand, astoundingly beautiful colleague at work, Veronica, Warner’s wife (we never see the kids) and various random characters.

The actors and actresses all work excellently together, alone and in pairs.

The two young guys are hilarious and believable together as childhood friends who have set up a joint computer games company, Ghost Child Games.


Some dialogue:

The two Dads are stoned:

One of the Dads:
“We grew up in the 60’s you squares!”
“we will get our own doobies then and will challenge you to a pot off!”
Warner & Eli:
“No, We have work..”

Dads sing:
“Noble Eskimos we stole your snow”..

Stoned Dad:
“I need 2,000 dollars to become a DJ!”

Dads sing:
“Nobel Eskimos we stole your snow”
“our warming made your igloo melt!
“You’re left with just a walrus pelt”
(repeat chorus)

Warner: (note)
“I no longer understand your ways”!

Stoned Dad:
“Hello, 911, hi!  I think I am dead!”

Nb. There may be two extra episodes which makes the total up to twenty: The Pilot Episode (un-named) plus
“Eli Nightingale”.

Well worth trying to see the pilot episode which sets the scene nicely with one of the Dads first appearing, with a suitcase..

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