Review of Boulevard Du Palais/ The Palace Boulevard TV5 Monde Europe Channel number/# 825 on Virgin Media TV “Trop Jeune Pour Toi” / Too Young for You” & “Notre Enfant”/ Our Child Series 12 Episode one (see posting 19th August 2014 for PART TWO Review)

Boulevard Du Palais

Series number and episode number unknown for this episode:
“Trop jeune pour toi”/ Too Young for You”

Palace Boulevard/ Street 
Intro music.  What is it with French series and corny music?!

Nice flat!

“A Few Hours Earlier”..

So as described in the Preview for this long running French Detective series on twice a week.  I thought it looked as interesting prospect to check out.  In that televisual desert.

Boulevard Du Palais is the name of a street we see shown randomly during this episode.  I presume it is the street on which either the Courthouse and or the Police Station is sited,  Or none of these and the name Boulevard du Palais is recognised as the name for the whole area.  Or none of the above.  We would have to know the series in France to truly know.

I did manfully try (why is there no womanfully i wonder?) two random series:The 100 and The lost Room. There was a time when I would have watched such series ironically (OK not really if just sounds good) or for fun.

However these series are not even bad enough to be fun.  Yet they are not quite good enough bad or good to continue with.  Such good ideas, the dramatic premise: yet that dramatic premise, or promise, is never fulfilled.

Still, I digress.  Boulevard du Palais is OK, just OK.  The drama seemed shot in a dated slightly shaky somehow way.  The film  to look at has a strange melted quality to the colours sometimes.  I did stick out the hefty one and a half hours.  A time which seemed to drag a little whilst I watched a mildly engaging murder mystery.

The Examining Judge, Lydia Nintz appears to have rather wild and starey, fidgety eyes and mannerisms.  I think this persona is meant to denote her super intelligence and concentration on solving her case.


Series 12-Episode One
“Notre Enfant”/ Our Child.

The music and filming do seem quite dated,  However I am getting used to it.  I see now why the Pathologist is cited in Wikipedia as a:
“Prolific poet”.

Commander Rover is given towards uttering intellectual quotes and musing on the meaning of life and of course, death.  Thus, he gets away with saying thinks like this:
“You don’t have anything against twisted duos do you?”
to examining Judge Lydia Nintz.

Commander Rover actually swigs from a flask in his office.  I like his wooden Venetian blinds, horizontal.

Commander Rover, the Pathologist and another Detective called Dimeglio all drink in this bar that is a boat on the Seine.  At one point Dimeglio asks:
“are We moving?”
I was just wondering that too.

Some Commander /Rover quotes:

Commander Rover to Lydia:
“Having children, continuing to have children,  is the greatest calamity and madness of humanity”

“Life is meaningless if there’s no God”
“its a tale told by an idiot,”
“signifying nothing”
Lydia Lintz:
“That’s rather radical?”
“Shakespeare is rather radical!”

“Love isn’t a scientific concept”
Rover has a cool Trilby hat with a burgundy ribbon.

Well I have watched two episodes now and the drama is mildly enjoyable to watch particularly for the metaphorical visit to the streets, flats and Courthouses of Paris, plus of course the Seine and the various bars.

We have this vicarious journey and some poetic and intellectual dialogue: the men like to debate logic, ethics, etiquette, word plays and the existential condition.

Seemingly Rover and the Pathologist do this same intellectual musing at the crime scene and during the investigation. Then the team like to meet to discuss such intellectual niceties after the case, down in the boat on the Seine bar, downstairs.

Al this debating is very well read and impressive i suppose.

In this case Commander Rover bases all his intuitive and correct guesses about a family’s relationships from pouring over their photo album and taking it with him wherever he goes.

Commander Rover especially looks at the photograph album in his office, by lamplight, with is lovely wooden horizontal Venetian blinds closed.  it’s all very deep.  I guess that this intuitive philosophising is how Rover solves his cases too.

The cases are mildly interesting only and all over-long as I feel the episodes to be too long at an hour and a half.  The characters are a bit thin and reedy although some of their scenes are sometimes meant to be comical.  Which is annoying.

The drama is also minorly sexist just in the dated nature of the setting.  It is unclear whether the time period is present day, 1990’s or earlier.

Boulevard du Palais is a tiny bit tedious and over-long.  More a soap opera Detective show, it seems to be on twice a week.

Of the two recent French Detective ~Series I have found on TV5Monde Europe: Les Limiers/The Sleuths and Boulevard du Palais, iI think i prefer Les Limiers.

(write-ups on Les Limiers see PART ONE 16th July 2014 and PART TWO 19th August 2014)


Still, there seems to be other shows on TV5monde in this ilk, i spotted a two episode drama called:
La Dame de Pique/ The Queen of Spades.  Why did i prick up my ears at this ad? (on TV5Monde)  Because the actor who plays Gilou in spiral is in it.  Well, Gilou to me.


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