The Killing Series Three (the remake) Episodes 3 & 4 transcript and thoughts. (Nb. this makes more sense if you have seen episodes 1 2, 3 & 4) Minor Spoilers-on Netflix only-New Series The Killing Four out on 1st August 2014

The Killing Series Three (the remake) Episode Two, three & four

Some notes and dialogue.

Police Chief Skinner  (in charge of Special Operations)  speaks to the assembled Policemen and Detectives:
“I want to disabuse you of some notions that we’re dealing with Hannibal Lecter here, we ain’t gonna be getting no body of skin, no lady parts in boxes”
he continues:
“we ain’t gonna be having no Phd’s notion of the wounds..he (the perpetrator) was angry..”blah blah!”

(Skinner is actually making jokes about the murder like he was the best man at a wedding)

(sea gull crying)

Holder’s Police Partner, Reddick:
“Department got us chasing pimps with our pants around our ankles”..

Linden to Runaway girl Kallie’s Mother:
Its Detective actually, Homicide…”

At the Prison.
Prisoner Alton & Prisoner Ray Seaward.
Alton :
“You Spartacus?”
“Yeah, you Spartacus, you acting like him..”

Alton: (tells Ray about his crime)
“I went to the wrong room..opened up the safe, took the money”.
“That’s when he said boy, he was just behind me in his pyjamas..”
“I shot her too..”
“My Mommy and Daddy..”

 Not quite sure exactly who the bearded man is but i  think its about time Kallie’s Mum looked at his phone..

Runaway kid Bullet and Detective Holder.
“You look like a big, albino hairless rabbit..”
“You know rabbits got three eyelids?”

So far so good.  So pretty much excellent. stuff.  The intro music has seriously grown on me.

There are several story lines in this series.  There is the investigation.  There is the runaway kids.  We have Holder and his Police partner, Reddick’s  relationship. Plus Holder and Linden’s relationship.

In the intense, play-like section of the Death row Facility. there is the relationship between Ray Seaward and the two Prison guards at the facility who attend to him.  Then there is the relationship between Ray Seaward and Alton & Dale, the other prisoners on death row.

Personally i find the prison strand of the drama truly horrific as in horror laden.  It is like some frightful fearful play.

There are a multitude of male suspects actually.  I particularly like the engaging story of the runaway kids and the character of Bullet.

Bullet & Detective Sarah Linden
“Bugs, he’s kind of lame but he grows on you..”
“Yeah, he’s like some big, white stretched out rabbit, Ya know?”

At the skater guys’ camp.
“La La Ronde was calling out for her lost kids, five of them..crying, in the night”..”

Did i mention that the music during the episodes which only makes intermittent appearance at times of urgency: is excellent.

Holder’s lovely language:
“To Linden:
“Wanna come to my Dojo and get some food?”
“Tofu and lentils aren’t my thing, thanks”

Oh no.  Linden takes up Holder on is invitation and his girlfriend is there.  Cringe.


As part of the prison relationships between the three prisoners on death row there are long dialogues between the men.

There is Dale and Ray Seaward, Dale and Ray and Alton and Seaward.  These scenes are intense.  You just see the three open cages, the three men live in one cage each.

The Prisoner Ray Seaward is truly creepy.  At first we have no doubt that he is the murderer.  Slowly we come to doubt this certainty.  Even though Seaward continues to exhibit manipulative tendencies.

However Ray Seaward failed the psychopathic/ sociopathic personality trait test.  Since if Ray really was either one of those he would not have cared a hoot about Alton being beaten up.  However much he may enjoy a chat with Alton.  A psychopath or socio-path surely simply wouldn’t care.

Ray Seaward and his story toys with our incredulity and aversion to his past crime.  He makes innocent sounding pronouncements about all men having a date with destiny.  Ray reads a mysterious old, as in original hard-backed with gold embossed title (but with no cover) big red book in bed.

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