The Killing (remake) Series Three-Episodes Seven & Eight-Minor spoilers-rough transcript with review at the end-On Netflix-New Series Four 1st August

The Killing Series Three-Episodes Seven & Eight

As described, there is a small prologue of action in the beginning of The Killing. There is also a round up of
stories at the end. Then there is different music.

Episodes Seven & Eight

Unfortunately I can’t take Pastor Mike seriously because he really reminds me of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent.  As a result of this similarity in look for me, Pastor Mike has a slightly comedic air.  I am sure this is completely unintended by the show.

Pastor Mike:
“Sometimes the ones who hide want to be found the most.”

At the Prison/ death row facility:
(chains clink)  (chains clinking)

Holder and Linden.
Holder and Linden’s relationship deepens  He has taken to wearing hoodies like she wears jumpers. I was worried Holder might kiss Linden a couple of times.  Thank God, no.

The Prison.
Every time i see the picture of the prison,  i think its an airport because its so big.  The prison is in that circular shape with wings as rays ringed round an inner pod.

Holder & Linden
Oh no, its a recreation of the scene from Forbrydelsen One.

At the prison.
Ray Seaward & Dale.
“There’s always time, there’s always hope..”

Holder and Linden.
I really hope they,  Holder and Linden ain’t gonna get jiggy with it.   Getting together with your Cop/ Police partner or dramatic partner, it ruins the dramatic tension.  Oops.  What did I tell you?  Holder went for it!

Holder does look pretty fine in his vest, multiple but artistic tattoos and all, like a Jean Paul Gautier Perfume Ad.

At the Prison.
Dale to Ray:
“What was it like when your son was born?”
“God loves you Ray!”
“God help me please..”
“He’s holding you up!”
Oh no.  Dale suddenly starts laughing!
“, its the words that do the killing for me..”
“Y’all are so predictable..boring”
he continues:
God I hate boring”..
Walks away.

Every time Sarah Linden’s Police Chief Boss Skinner talks to her at work it is like they are in some corny soft porn movie.
He is the plumber come to fix her pipes.

They, Sarah and Skinner her boss whisper huskily at each other.  Sarah cringeworthily moves to snog his neck at one point.  Its all most embarrassing and an odd sight to behold as a work interaction.  For some reason Sarah acts like an oddly hypnotised worker bee after the honey whenever around her boss. I don’t remember Linden being this into Skinner.

Its all most odd.  Unless Linden is playing Skinner just to get along at work.  Rather sad if so.  However the alternative appears to be Skinner’s passive aggressive shouting and sulking.  He is a bad boss.  In my opinion.  I do question the inclusion of this tiresome love/ lust interest for Linden into the show.

It is literally incredible that Linden, perfectly able to stand up for herself against the jealous attacks of
Holder’s partner Reddick, could not have told her Boss where to get off.  No problem.  Therefore Linden, we are meant to  believe, rather inexplicably, has the hots for comb-over man Skinner.  Sigh.

Yo, Holder is over here, in the shadows, hunched now as always since you came back, in his favourite off white/grey hoodie.  Holder does lots of smouldering.  Beautifully lit, looking like someone in an old Detective movie looking out for a Dame.

Linden films beautifully too, her sideways profiles and 3/4 shots showcasing her Pre-Raphaelite looks.  At one point Linden’s sweet long, oval shaped face appears to almost hover above her in the scene.  This is because Linden’s face is so intense of expression, we focus alone upon her face.

I really couldn’t describe what Linden was wearing.  I did note the colours and patterns of the jumpers for a while.  Then i forgot all about them.

Linden is one of those characters/ people that transcend clothes.

So Linden’s face, slowly moving through a room and saying nothing is so expressive that it reflects mystery,
intrigue and shadowy danger all at once.  All around.  I could almost imagine Linden as a Victorian ghost, her pallid face above some voluminous gown, floating silently through the room.

Both Linden and Holder spark off each other. They possibly, in some unacknowledged way, need each other.  Their coming together can be a catalyst for both of them to have some kind of psychological break-down, mini-breakdown or breakthrough.  Probably beneficial to both of them in the end.

Of the two, with her similar background to Holder from being in care: Linden is the more guarded, defensive, angry bitter one.

It has taken Holder a long time to gain Linden’s trust.  He has worked very hard at doing so.  Holder has
successfully battled his own demon of addiction, paid his dues and debts and come out of the other side of the Rosie Larsen case taller, stronger and going in for the Sergeant’s exam.

 Linden’s life, quite literally is in a quiet backwater.  It is Holder who drags Linden back to that world.

Because as explosive and beneficially transformative the effect on each other may be: Linden and Holder make an excellent Detective team.  It don’t matter if Holder be wearing no hoodie Y’all.


Please note all of these episodes up to and including number eight were written in the order i saw them and i stopped here.  Before watching the final two episodes.

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