The Killing (Remake) Series Three- Episodes Five & Six-MInor spoilers-rough transcripts and review of first few episodes-on Netflix (Nb. all of these small reviews/thoughts on the episodes were written in real time progression of seeing each episode and before the finale)

The Killing Series Three-Episode Five

Some notes & Dialogue.

The beginning is cool.  The beginning music is cool.

Holder to victim:
“Angie, breathe..I got you, OK?”
He got the left one, what if someone wants to marry me, do you think it matters?”

Holder and his Cop Partner, Reddick
“What’s with the snuggie?” (hoodie)
“You been in a fire or something?”!

Holder to old, white haired man in a wheelchair in hospital:
“Yo, vintage playa, you got a light?”
The elderly man sighs, hands Holder a pack.

Kallie’s Mum about Kallie:
“I think it was only the sound of the water that scared her,
“We’d wade right in,
“I would tell her, its OK baby, just cover your ears..”

Alton in the Prison (to Ray)
“Thinking is all I do, all I got left,
“Its all I do..”

Really awful scene in jail.

The bars of the jail seem much closer to each other at night, when the men have their conversations.  But then this is just a dramatic device.

Holder to Linden:
“We going at this thing all Copernicus.  When we should be looking at it Galileo”..

So by episode five Linden is getting teary eyed having some real weird up close and inappropriately personal spouting stuff with her Boss.

The Boss is playing Linden, repeatedly taking her aside, shouting and then whispering at her.  He is taking advantage of the lack of personal space afforded him by Linden since they slept together.  One good reason for never mixing business with pleasure.

Suffice to say, Linden and Holder’s Boss is way creepy.  Just not in a murdering kind of way.


Episode Six

Fearsome shot of the lake at night.
Now all of my original suspects gone done all weird.

Holder to Bullet:
“Man you pulled off some wizardly moves!”
“Your lady done bin magnetised!”

The prison drama is heavy, as in super intense. It is like a film all on its own.

Bullet and Lyric (runaway kids)
“’s gonna come down again tonight, the rain…”
“We can’t walk the whole night out again”
“It will be OK..”
“I know..”
(rubs the tattooed word faith on Bullet’s inner wrist)
“I have faith”..

Linden to boyfriend Cody:
“I guess I wanted to be that person: living on an island, working a nine to five, not smoking..”

Prison Warden Becker to Seaward:
“Hey, Seaward!”..pause…
“Salisbury steak it is”!

Pastor Mike:
“I know what its like to be alone..”

Becker shows his son the gallows.  Becker is real proud.


The Killing Three
Review of first few episodes.

So  The Killing Three is pretty intense-still i guess The Killing got all intense on us back in Series two.

The beginning of the episode opens with some scene, with action. Then the credits roll.  With the eponymous theme music.

The music is cool.  The font even is cool.  The over-flying shots  like opening shots of The Bridge, are cool.  Holder is cool.  Whether wearing his new cool Cop ensemble with rebelliously turned up collar: or a hoodie.  But then Holder always was cool. Linden is now cool.  She always was cool too.  We or I just didn’t realise.

I even forgive Linden her oily red lipstick.  At some point the lipstick fades and dries, from orange brick slick to muted sienna.  Like brick dust in the sunlight.


 Next Review at the end of episodes seven & eight notes and dialogue.

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