The Americans Series Two- Finale- Some spoilers

The Americans-Series Two-Finale


The Finale
The Americans had a shocking and explosive finale.  Not in an action style kind of way but an enjoyably serious twist.

Certainly The Americans did pull itself up by the metaphorical boot laces and started running in these last few episodes.   Along with the surreal suburbia feel to the whole thing, a biting and ugly death laden edge has been added to the mix.

There have been two particular hideous and similar deaths recently.  Then the count was seriously upped in numbers of grisly, gruesome deaths.  Murder,murder, murder murder.   All murders of course. Its just murder central for the outskirts of suburbia to the dank and drizzly inner cities.  Where car meets parked car and sometimes it snows and is snowy underfoot.  Where once, under an underpass, Phillips new Camero glowed, with whiteness like the snow.

There were all sorts of parallel themes in this series of the The Americans. Maybe such parallels existed in Series One and i didn’t notice them.  The kidnappings would be one example from that series.  However it was in this series Two that i noticed the seemingly deliberate mirroring of Page’s experiences with the Church Youth movement along with The Pioneer Movement for the youth in Mother Russia, The Soviet Union.

These parallels of experiences of the characters from supposedly different worlds were the same and not different.  This was a fair point, granted.  Its just that the point seemed hammered home somewhat.  I started to suspect the intermittent political rants of morphing into official teaching moments.  How tiresome.

I know, one side OK two maybe thought they were at war.

Still, The Americans delivered one of its “sucker punches” as first mentioned by Arkady in the previous series, as a quote from a famous American having delivered a “sucker punch”.

The ultimate ending of this series taking some very subterranean steps, not physically down that eponymous spy friendly  basement with the giant American washing machines: no.  This descent into a possible future scenario posited for Page by one of her parents.  That parent not being the one who you would have thought to be keen on the idea.  The idea being again, and ancient yet ongoing and modern form of warfare, easily and perpetually updated.

Shocking stuff.

The Americans always excels, as mentioned in a previous write-ups on Series One, in painting a colour palette of the period.  There are also, for me anyway, pleasing touches of film-noir style and lighting, Stan and Nina in particular lend themselves beautifully to a 40’s feel.

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