Prisoners of War Series Two My Review PART ONE of the first few episodes-Some minor spoilers It is recommended to see First series (see my write ups and character list-Nb. Dr. Shmuel from first series is referred to as Ostrovsky in series Two)

Prisoners of War Series Two

First Review PART ONE

So we’re a few episodes in and its all going wonderfully.  Prisoners of War in my opinion is fairly sublime.  As in to watch and follow the plot.

Prisoners of war is filmed in a natural seeming way.  I have described it before as like watching a home movie.  Characters’ faces nearly fill the screen sometimes.  The rest of the time is spent in leisurely action and interaction.  By leisurely i mean as in pace. mostly.  There are some unexpected interludes.  The flashbacks remain: for one character.

I like how the spy story is told  separately yet intermeshed with the personal lives of the prisoners of war, the psychiatrist spy man Dr. Haim, glamorous intelligence agent Iris and the families.  The families of all the Prisoners of War.  (on both sides)

We learn that Agent Ninon is a quick  learner, there are copious flashbacks.
Meanwhile over yonder, Abdullah drops into the kids session and gives them a little careers talk.

Things get even mysteriouser.  The plot thickens.
There are flashbacks for other characters too.  Along with flashbacks to earlier parts of the spy story.

I note that time can drag in Prisoners of War.

In  quite a continually hilarious scene a young intelligence agent works on a code as Iris, Haim and Dr. Ze’ev all stare at him, silently.
Code cracker agent:
“Its a cool code..”
“Mossad used it back in the day..”

Later, Yuri and Nimrode are added to the silent watchers of the code breaker at work.

Dr. Ze’ev explains to Nimrode:
“Israel did everything in its power to bring you back without putting its national security at risk”..
he continues:
“the Prime Minister is responsible for all kids, not just yours..”

Then, Haim, Iris, Nimrode and Uri search a map:
“an amphitheatre, antiquities, a Mosque..”
There it is!”..

Miscellaneous dialogue& notes.

Haim to Iris:
“Smile at the liar, wave at the liar”
” and lets get the hell out of here”!

Intelligence Agent:
“I’ve been teaching him their secret finger language..”

Haim to Dr. Ze’ev:
“We were just about to play dominoes, care to join us?”
(Haim gets all the best lines)

Yuri to Nurit:
“Please, promise me, don’t let them bury me,
I can’t be locked up any more..”

Talya goes to Yoga.
For a brief moment i thought we were in a Star Trek set.

Yoga teacher to Talya:
“Hello, I am Mother”
“That’s my name”!

Yoga teacher to class:
“Spiritual growth is a tough, challenging transition”
“From the old world to the new”..
“Like a snake that sheds its skin”
“and for a moment is blind”
she continues:
“Into this new transition, this new path”.
“let yourselves feel like a ship without an anchor”
“imagine your higher self”
“becoming one with the centre of your body”
“and now, on your own time, come to a sitting position”..

Talya sits up.  Everybody else is still sleeping.

Meanwhile Nimrode is meeting Julia Roberts..


Abdullah and Yusuf

Abdullah: (sings)
“Even the seagull miss the home they used to know”..
sea shells, stupid, not seagulls”!..

Much later, Yusuf is brushing his teeth and he quietly starts humming the song,
his humming becomes a sotto-voiced singing, in huddled grief.

I reckon Abdullah did that on purpose, knowing the song would wind Yusuf up.

review continued
Sometimes, just once in a rare while, the slow and easy (mostly) pace of Prisoners of War can drag. Well once, for me, recently.Some characters do just seem to stand and stare a lot, or sit and stare.  Sometimes on their own in mute silence at home.  Sometimes at each other in between interludes of talk.

I have written about this aspect of the pace of Prisoners of War before, describing it as an organic home movie feel.  Somehow, apart from the on instance of momentary ennui that i had in the last episode, these close-ups interactions set in a play-like focus manage to construct for us the inner lives of the characters.

There is an amusing and enjoyable side story of the delicate dalliance between the courtly and irascible Dr. Ostrovsky and Talya.  After her yoga session and acting upon the good and sensible advice from said Doctor with the twinkling eyes.  Talya most definitely has transitioned.


New episode:

Nimrode to Yuri:
“You heard him, six million tourists a year”..

So Yuri is looking at an Impressionist painting of people punting on the Seine.
Oh dear.  I have seen far too many Banged Up Abroad episodes to be entirely relaxed about a familiar character’s mission…


Song: Goodbye Sweetie/ Lehitraot Matok
“Goodbye, sweetie”
“take care of yourself, let heaven embrace you”
“At times in the rain
“At times in the dew
“You might wonder if we loved at all..

“Goodbye sweetie, take care of yourself”
“Let heaven cover you”
“At times in the wind”
“At times in the heat”
“maybe you’ll remember”
“how we loved today”

“I won’t forget you”..
“Once my heart skipped a beat”
“because of you”
“My sweetie, I won’t forget you..”
“My heart once skipped a beat”
“Because of you”

“Goodbye sweetie, take care of yourself”
“Wherever you are there will be a heaven for you”..
“At times in the darkness”
“At times in the light”..

“Maybe you’ll return..”


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