Note to my readers-Some New Seasons of old series-Plus a preview of my first thoughts on watching (the American) The Killing Series Three

Note to my Readers

So, sad memories of Salamander, Mammon, Southland, Orphan Black and Nashville.  Sad only in that they have all disparu for now.

Were we not spoiled?  yes we were for a while.  Oh and who can forget Inspector De Luca?  Dashingly different was Inspector De Luca, both himself and the period and style of the drama.

Salamander, Mammon and old stalwart Southland are all their own idiosyncratic creation.  Refreshingly esoteric and out there in style and substance.

Then of course Orphan Black is a stand alone too, not forgetting the fabulous and twisted Gothic horror of The Bates Motel. (write-ups here of series one and two)

Then, oh then, there was Wallander. Of which i can say no more. (apart from a write-up of episode 6 to come)  I am sure i have forgotten some.  Plenty of things i can watch for fun.

My point in this long preamble, yes i really am building up to one, is that some of these wondrous series and more: are no more.

i fear that we are fast approaching another televisual desert. Already i feel my feet, clogging into clumps of sand, halting, trapping me there.  Lost in the desert dry sand, my eyes, blinded.  Only Big Brother will do…

Dads ITV 2 in the UK or Channel 115 on Virgin TV media
Meanwhile i found one small show glimmering oasis-like throughout this televisual desert which was the situation comedy Dads.

I had a secret stash of Dad episodes. Sadly there was only eighteen.  Dads is genuinely and mostly funny: it actually made me laugh.  The episodes are currently being repeated and there is catch up on

Then i found Les Limiers TV5 Monde-Channel number 825 Virgin TV (see write -up) that would do for now.

But wait, what is this i espy?  True Blood, the final series has returned to UK TV, on FOX Channel. Mondays @ 9pm.
This is gonna be sad.

Then i discovered that in August 2014, the following  series will return:
Under The Dome-Season Two-Channel Five UK 
 (based on the Stephen King book-Stephen King will be directing the first episode of the new series)
Wentworth Prison  Season Two-Channel Five UK
(write-ups per episode of season One except finale here-Wentworth Prison or Wentworth as some reviewers refer to it- is based upon the original Australian series Prisoner Cell Block H)

Dates known:
The (American) The Killing-Season Four-Netflix-1st August 2014

Autumn 2014 no date yet:
Suspects Season two-Channel Five UK
*update* Suspects Series 2 Starts on Wednesday 20th  August 2014 on Channel 5 or Channel number 105 on Virgin  media TV @ 10pm.  A two-parter  with second part on Thursday same time.

October 2014:
Homeland Season Four! 
(Nb. the original Israeli Prisoners Of  War/ Hatufim series upon which Homeland is based is currently on Sky Arts 1-Series Two-final episode next week)
The Walking Dead-Season Five 

Also: Extant
Starring Halle Berry is out on Amazon Prime instant video.
 Not sure if you have to pay for this.  This story concerns Halle Berry as a returning astronaut who discovers she is pregnant after a more than nine month period away in space…

Not yet scheduled but expected:
Ripper Street-Amazon Prime Instant Video

Broadchurch season Two-ITV Channel-UK

Lillyhammer Series Three-Netflix

Orphan Black-a third series has been commissioned.

Ross Kemp-Extreme worlds-Season Four- Channel Sky One

Plus there will be another Salamander series.  yey!  Date unknown.

In other news:
The Danish series: Those who Kill has been re-made in America and has recently had a Season One.

*Newsflash* this just in… Spiral (Engrenages) Season Five currently filming-expected to première in France in November 2014  In French with English subtitles.  Previous series available on Netflix and some episodes on you tube.  The story of a Homicide Detective squad in Paris and the Lawyers and Judges connected with the prosecution of those crimes.  Nb.  Very gory murders.  Spiral is  earthy, gritty and realistic.  The drama is beautifully shot and unerringly cool.

Nb.  In France, the Head Prosecutor (like the American District Attorney) and the Judge investigate the crime and question suspects along with the Homicide Detectives.
 (write-ups here for series 1,2 3 & 4)

The (American) The Killing:
Well there is a Series Three!  I had no idea.  Season 1 (2011) & 2 (2013) of the remake concern the Rosie Larsen case as in the original Danish The Killing Season One.

Season Three of The Killing (now only on Netflix)
“A year after the Rosie Larsen case, Stephen Holder searches for a runaway girl and uncovers a string of murders connected to one of Sarah Linden’s previous murder investigations”.

“Linden, no longer a Detective, must return to both a career and a case she had put behind her”..

Season Four (2014) of The Killing (Netflix)
“The fourth season will feature Linden and Holder investigating a murder at an all-boys military academy”.
Starts on 1st August 2014


Nb. One of the early series of Inspector Montalbano is currently being repeated on BBC4. 


Preview of my first thoughts on watching: The Killing Season Three
 (the American remake of the Danish Forbrydelsen)

Nb. Forbrydelsen is Danish for:
 “The Crime”. The American remake of Forbrydlesen and the English title of Forbrydlesen is translated as:
 “The Killing”.

Nb.  Both the Danish and the American series are listed as :
The Killing” in Netflix.  The Danish The Killing has a picture of Sarah Lund on the front, in one of her famous jumpers.

The frontispiece on Netflix for the American The Killing is white and has 3 groups of five counting marks and a shadowed picture of a girl.  (with the words “and counting”)  I never would have guessed that title to refer to The Killing remake.  This title of The Killing remake on Netflix has all three series on it.

So far so good.  So pretty much excellent stuff.

I had no idea that there had been a series three and only stumbled upon this news, well fact, recently.  News to me.  Long story short, Series three is only hosted on Netflix.

I know this from noticing that Series Four of The Killing opens on August 1st 2014. So a whole series to catch up on: my televisual desert has ended.  An oasis beckons..


So i am unsure of the exact progression of stories in the Forbrydelsen series 1, 2 & 3.  However I do remember that Sarah Lund in Forbrydelsen I closes the (Rosie Larsen) case at the end of the Series One.

In the American remake, which fairly faithfully follows the themes of Forbrydelsen 1,  Sarah Linden and Holder take until Series Two to solve the case.  So there is overlap between series.

The start of the original Forbrydelsen Series Two is where the American remake, The Killing begins at series three.

I know that i originally wrote scathingly about The Killing Series One here.  But by the time we got to The Killing Series Two, the drama had seriously grown on me.  As i have written somewhere,  the further space in time that was gained between the two series of the original and the remake: the more the remake improved and took on its own ultimate style.

Indeed the ending of the Rosie Larsen case in The Killing remake Series Two was certainly shocking enough: viscerally so.  Whilst there had been tiny inklings of near invisible red flags along the way, I certainly did not see that one coming.  Absolutely gripping, dreadful and hideous stuff revealed.  Right down to the flashback to the night of the killing..


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