Note to My Readers of some new/ repeated Series-Matrioshki on Sky Arts 1/ Sky Arts 1 Hd Channel 281& 282 channel numbers on Virgin Media Tv @ 10pm Wednesday starting 30th July 2014-in Flemish, English, Russian and Lithuanian with English subtitles and Fench Detective Series: Boulevard du Palais in French with English subtitles on TV5Monde Europe Channel number 825 om Virgin Media Tv Friday 1st August @ 8pm

Matrioshki Sky Arts 1/ Sky Arts 1 Hd Channels numbers 281 and 282 respectively

So i see that tonight Matrioshki is being repeated on Sky Arts 1.  I saw this a few years back now and thought it was really good.  Apparently there are a few more seasons after this season One however they are not on Netflix or anywhere else i can find.  Possibly those later series are out on DVD.

The TV Preview (somewhat confusingly) describes Matrioshki as follows:
“Ten impoverished Eastern European women are lured to Belgium with the promise of a better life by a gang of sex traffickers”.

Matrioshki is in Flemish, English, Russian and Lithuanian with English subtitles when needed.

The drama is pretty dark, hard hitting and sometimes viscously violent.  It tells the story of the women from their point of view.  The story starts when the women first enter various “modelling” and “dancing competitions” in their home towns in Lithuania.

We follow the journey of the women to Amsterdam and thence to Belgium and see their dawning realisation that they are being held prisoner and cannot escape.

TV Preview of episode one:
“A Belgian Mafia gang arrives in Vilnius, Lithuania and auditions young female dancers.  The chosen few are asked to sign a contract.  But it is written in Greek and the girls are unsure what they have to give up”.

Matrioshki first aired 5/01/05


Boulevard du Palais. TV5 Monde Europe Channel number 825 on Virgin TV
A preview of a show

Being somewhat into Channel TV5 Monde (Channel number 825 on Virgin Media TV) my latest discovery and where I am now a fan of Les Limiers/ The Sleuths (see write-up here 16th July PART ONE and 19th August 2014 PART TWO) i spotted the trailer for this Series, which looks quite interesting.

Again, like Les Limiers, Boulevard Du Palais seems unknown outside France and there is only French descriptions and slightly odd translations available.

Information and quotes taken from Wikipedia-translated into English. ( boulevard…)

From what i can gather Boulevard du Palais is a French Detective Series based on the novel Les Orpailleurs. The action takes place mainly in the Courthouse in Paris.  Judge Lintz Nadia is responsible for criminal cases together with Police Commander Phillip Rover and Doctor Hannibal Pluvinage: “Pathologist and prolific poet”.  Then there is Lieutenant Dimeglio, the “Corsican” assistant and friend of Commander Rover.

There are sixteen series of Boulevard Du Palis-it dates from 1999-2014  and is ongoing.
“Each season has between two-six episodes of 90 minutes”.

The first episode I will be checking out is on Friday on TV5 Monde Europe @ 8pm and is called:
“Trop Jeune pour toi” / too young for you.
a rough translation:
“In returning to his house after a dinner out, Phillipe Jenmont, Deputy, discovers the dead body of his wife, Elizabeth”…

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