Wallander the final Series Three with Henrik Kristersson-Episode Three-some minor spoilers-on in the UK on BBC4 Saturdays @9pm or channel number 107 on Virgin Media TV

Wallander-The Final Series Three-Episode Three
The Betrayal

So this is all quite painful to watch but still hugely enjoyable. Depending on how used you are to Kurt Wallander’s sharper days and more focused ways.  Still, Wallander always gets there.  His intellect and his will drive him on.

Plus Kurt has found yet another beautiful woman in his life that he comes across fairly randomly or not randomly at all.

But then, oh then.  Wallander sits out on his wooden deck at home in the twilight, smoking and watching the sea, wine glass in hand.  Ever faithful and loving Jussi asleep somewhere, unseen.

Earlier Wallander had lied:
“We like to walk up this way, don’t we Jussi?”
and Jussi had adoringly “woofed” the dog answer of yes in return.  However in reality Kurt has driven to that area on purpose.  Wallander leaves his car there and takes Jussi out.  This action has unforeseen repercussions later.

This was another exciting and impressively dramatic episode, as was last week’s episode.

I do think its a shame that Wallander is to be seen drinking whiskey.  Kurt never used to drink the amber liquid that i remember.  No, no Wallander, whiskey will turn you yellow and put you on the liver transplant list.  As well as make you very angry unaccountably along the way.

Stick to wine, Wallander, whiskey is a hard drink best saved for movie hero cowboys, slinking glass and bottle fist handed down the bar.

Then, the ending of this episode unfolds in slow and casual surprise and is the stuff of fully fledged horror.


Some notes & dialogue.

Kurt Wallander:
“My thirty five years experience as an Inspector tells me that I will know everything tomorrow”!

Kurt Wallander’s Granddaughter:
“Grandad! Grandad!”

Kurt to Maya:
“I want to go away, anywhere, with you..”
“anywhere we can be free!”
“Oh, I’m so sorry,”
“So sorry..”

Wallander has done a faux pas.

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