Wallander The Final Series Three-Episode Four Minor spoilers only-on in the UK BBC4 or channel number 107 on Virgin Media TV Saturdays @ 9pm

Wallander-The Final Series Three-Episode Four
The Loss/ Saknaden

Some notes and dialogue.

(wind whistles)
(train horn honks)
(water laps)
(waves break)

“Sunglasses, a pencil, a cow..”

In which Kurt Wallander goes to Moldova.  And things get really really bad with Kurt..

In happier scenes Kurt gets coiffured stylishly with a jaunty dark blue jumper slung scarf-like over his shoulders.  Wallander at other times has a hunky and artfully and nicely distressed leather biker jacket on.  This jacket is teamed with deep jewel coloured shirts.  Then we see Wallander in a black shirt

At one point Kurt does a questionably bad werewolf impression bordering on gargoyle.  This impression was for Kurt’s grand-daughter Clara and it went on just a little bit too long.

Nb. Linda and boring but handsome hunky husband’s leaf wallpaper in the bedroom: sigh.

 An Evil Pimp:
“(gurning with his teeth like he was on summat/something)
“Bye, Mr. Wallander…”

We see a graffiti warning: Zombieland in an alleyway.

There is a lovely scene and wonderful violins play where we see Wallander in a morning after scene rakishly smoking and looking at his new lady love down by the sea.  Ah.

Nb.  There is a man with a dreadful earring.
and cool urgent drumming during this episode.

(sea laps)

Now Kurt is dressed all in black: black jumper and coat with jeans and his extra cool sunglasses on.
(wind whistles)

One character is cross-eyed.  A baby grizzles.
(bangles jingle)  A girl is picked up from the side of the road.

Kurt & Linda:
“Kurt, but the truth must always come out…”

Wallander opens a letter..
Violins play.
(sea laps)
Wallander walks to the shore at his house, letter in his hand, crumpled.  He throws the letter away.
(deep cello)

“When there’s so much darkness closing in..
“just swerve around slowly..”
“You will find an opening..”

“A light will appear, like an animal between the trees,
“Like a criminal believed”..
“and more, you will find your pocket full of peace”

“make a mark on the map around you and nowhere”
“make a mark on the map, its not too late to find an opening”..

“trace a track and you will find an opening and there..
“trace the tracks until you find an opening and there you find the end”..

“there is a clearing in the forest,
“a light for every man”
“there you will find your pocket full of peace”..

“make a perfect circle..
“its not too late to find an opening…”

(Insanely beautiful and moving song-name:The Opening by Ane Brun The Fleshquartet.)

Wallander stands, silhouetted by the sea.


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