Amber PART TWO-Episode Two-Minor spoilers only-BBC 4 or Channel #/number 107 on Virgin Media TV-Tuesdays @ 10pm

Episode Two

Day 48

Some notes and dialogue.

Maeve. (the story as seen by)

Amber is turning out pretty good.  

Creepy guy in prison:
“Daughters of the air, daughters of the air”..

We see a missing poster..Amber.  Rain spattered.  The over ground tube goes by.

Amber’s friend Jenny:
“Mermaids are born without souls”
“and they earn them out of the good deeds they do”
“and then they come out of the water and become daughters of the air”

“You can’t tell the Guards, if you tell anyone no one will ever know..”
He seems like he is grooming Maeve.
he continues:
“you must trust me by now, I have not let you down so far, have I?”
Urgh.  Yet he is very creepy.

“Hello my name is Tony O Donahue, you don’t know me..”

Its not clear whether “guard” means just the Prison Guards or a general term for the Police.

(thunder rumbles)
its a flashback..

In slightly ghostly greenish light.

Right at the end:
Prison Officer:
“Oh, bollocks!

The Gardai/ The Police so far seem to have ended up with the parents of Amber inside the interview questioning suspects.  The Police haven not been pushing the parents away.

The father of Amber, Ben, finds a really good clue.

Then: we go back to Day One.  As I hoped we would.

Amber has beautiful deep blue and purple streaks in her hair.  The progression of her journey further along the time line of that day is elucidated before us.

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