Amber Episode 3 & FInale Minor spoilers only was on BBC4 in the UK catch-up available on i-player

Amber Episode 3 & Finale

Episode Three: (TV preview)
“in an episode viewed through the eyes of Detective Dunlop and Sergeant Karen Mucahay, increasingly, it appears  that Amber’s missing mobile phone may provide a definitive answer to the mystery..”

Day 1.
The beginning of Amber is beautiful.    The parents are still hanging out at the Police Station, Oh wait, I get it.  It is the same day but from a different point of view.

Episode Four

Day 1 from (Amber’s father) Ben’s point of view.

Episode is titled”Charlie”.

Flashback to prisoner saying:
“Daughters of the air..”

Did i mention that the beginning is beautiful: if a little disturbing at times as if everything, including Amber, is

So the Gardia/ Police are playing Ben, they are very smooth about it.  Keeping an eye on him.  At all time and occasionally feeding him a piece of information.

Day 137.
Ben goes off on a quest.  Ben and his sidekick when jogging are like relaxing SAS guys.

Day 520.
Ben is on the beech keeping an eye on a suspect.  Ben has a huge glass board full of photos and notices

Day 1.
I hardly dare look.  The colours are incredible in Amber.  Amber walks down a country road.  We see her go up the hill as if she were entering the enchanted wood…


So Amber was unutterably sad.  In the moment of expectation of a dramatic resolution there is, of course, disappointment.  Yet on reflection the ending as it stood increased the dramatic impact of the story being told.   Giving us an ending that we are shown, but never really know ( like Amber’s parents)  for sure.

Amber certainly ascended in style, indeed superceded itself in stylish overtones, leaving my brightly lit earlier
descriptions of tele-movies behind.

The colours in Amber seeming melted into creamy day to day pastels and occasionally, with fields and forest of the surrounding Irish countryside, symphonies of verdant patterned green.

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