Wallander The Final Series-Three with Henrik Kristerrson Episode 2-minor spoilers only-on in the Uk Saturdays @ 9pm BBC4 or Channel # 107 on Virgin Media TV-catch up on BBC.co.uk i-player

Wallander-Final Series Three-Episode Two

So in this episode we get to forget about the horrible prognosis inherent in  Kurt Wallander’s behaviour in the last episode.  Thank goodness.  Since my heart is weary for Wallander.

We are also wary on Wallander’s behalf.  Me-i get worried every time Kurt is put in charge of his angelic grand-daughter.  Granted that the disturbing incident involving the push-chair last week was, hopefully, caused by nefarious agents.  We cannot be sure.

Still, thankfully after Wallander’s enforced two week holiday in which, as per classic Detective drama trope, he spends solving a crime, he is back at work.  Looking dapper yet slightly,infinitesimally vacant.

Luckily, in episode two we can pretend, we are allowed to fool ourselves for a while: that Wallander is really all right.  Kurt just has brief but visible short vacant periods when discussing a case.  He manages, or thinks he does, to mostly cover these interludes up.

Possibly everyone is accepting these lapses in concentration, from Wallander as a part of him getting older.  But Kurt is only in his 60’s.  He was near retiring in the last series.

Hell, the rest of them are all Detectives.  They are bound to twig something is amiss in someone they have worked with for so long.  However for now they are glossing over Wallander’s spacey-ness.  It is generally being associated with Kurt’s drinking by his colleagues perhaps.

Fortunately, when you are a Detective it is known to stare off into space whilst furiously cogitating brain-wise.  Which is what Kurt Wallander proceeds to  do for the rest of this episode.  Solve the crime in his usual clever, insightful and artistic even, way.


Some dialogue:

Grieving mother & Wallander:
Kurt: (suddenly)
“The summer’s here, at last..”
(she turns to face Kurt)
grieving mother:
“You know what Kurt,
“no matter how long its been,”
“I still dream of killing you!”

Martinson & Svartman:
(the Swedish stake-out)
(they eat the Swedish verison of Haribou)
“There’s no yellow ones left..”
“no green ones either..”
“try a black one,”
“they’re salty”.

Song: The Opening by Ane Brun-Fleshquartet

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