The Americans-Series Two-PART TWO Warning- Spoilers-on in the UK ITV Channel 3 or Channel #103 on Virgin TV-Saturdays @ approx. 9 pm

The Americans-Series Two-Update  (PART TWO)

So The Americans has looped the loop a little lately, in terms of the dreaded dramatic arc.  As in when i previously mentioned that The Americans oomph inherent in its storyline was twanging like a loose elastic band.  Possibly overstretched.  Even by a series too far.

However recently, in the lumps and bumps of the day to day life of a spy or two: centring around Elizabeth and Philip, there has come into their life a homicidal maniac.

Elizabeth and Philip’s family have, to their point of view, come under threat. Who exactly murdered their friends is immaterial.

That Jared, the aforementioned psychotic case, believes the perpetrators of that murder to be someone else completely is really rather interesting.

The mysterious, somewhat cartoonishly lit operator man comes a cropper.  it got a little 60’s/70’s spy series there for a while.

Special mention to the best alternate persona yet of Philip: the dapper and convincing Vietnam Veteran. Although i felt Philip looked a little too young for the part.  Philip essayed this disguise’s success with copious amounts of beard.

Philip really excels at the all American men roles he creates.  His Easy Rider look probably being my favourite lately.  Philip’s artfully arrayed various workmen roles are also a beauty to observe.

Lately Philip is shown as being depressed.  Which particularly gruesome murder of some innocent random person Philip is feeling guilty over i am not quite sure sure.  However he absolves himself superficially by declaring to himself in the mirror that:
“this is a war”.
 As Elizabeth, the other murderer in his life with the same alleged guilt problem, stands behind him.

Yes, when Philip was down he gazed out to sea still in his Easy rider but-without-a Harley Davidson motorbike outfit.   Everything fell away from Philip a little in the pristine correction of his disguise.

The Easy Rider drifter man, artfully accessorised   with bandannas, was suddenly weathered, grizzled , older and sad.

Elizabeth’s eyes deserve a special mention.  They are sometimes as wide as a river, each one.  Elizabeth sometimes is cat beautiful.


Notes & some dialogue:

Oleg & Nina.

Oleg give Nina a Young Pioneer Pin with Lenin on.

“What do you think?” She asks herself,
looking like a school Prefect.
“I think he would be a very lucky Pioneer, being so close to your heart!”

Kated does well and goes all evil-like when she gets her gun, flushes the loo for cover and glares down the
Too bad its the evil psychotic Marine.

So The Americans is a thing of perfect creation.  Certainly the colour palette is out of this world.

Sandra is breaking out.
Hip hip hurray.
  Sandra has learned some psychobabble along the way with her “EST” course.

Sandra & Stan.
“I’m not asking for sympathy..”
“I don’t think we should blame..”
“Is this the end?!”
“How do we know that?
(or summat)
“when its really over?”
Psychoabble alert.

Nina is photographed like she’s a Botticelli angel which she is.  She is all incredible peaches and rose.  Nina
could be the ephemeral beauty in diaphanous gowns in a myriad of Old Master paintings.  From any century.

Its what killed the bats.

The Scientist & Philip
“Its what killed the bats”..
Yes, dead bats all over the floor,”
“..killed the bats”!,
“it killed me too”..

What’s it like to be a hero?.

Henry & Stan.
“What’s it like to be a hero?”
“I’m not a hero Henry..”.

Elizabeth & Philip on their mission dressed in chic burglar/ revolutionary style..

Stan and Nina are like their own 40’s movie.

Stan & Nina are like their very own 40’s movie.  Like Raymond Chandler, Private eye Detective, officially forlorn, meets knock-out Dame.  In trouble.

“What will i do, where will I go?”..
(Goes into his 40’s world weary film noir persona)
“Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happen to you..”
“I will find a way out for you and me”!

Stan hugs Nina dramatically.  Its all very Greta Garbo met Clark Gable all at once.

“It will be all-right..”


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