Hinterland/ Ygwyll- PART TWO. Nb.For PART ONE Review see posting 2nd May 2014. Final episodes of Series 1

Hinterland/ Ygwyll PART TWO-end of series 1

Ah, Hinterland.  I did try, really i did.  Is it two episodes now or three?  They were just so endless.  As in on and on and interminably long.  Plus i knew Made In Chelsea was on .  Which was a lot more fun.

Where did Hinterland go wrong?   Hinterland had all the right ingredients.  It even had artful slow motion scenes. As in with the elderly lady swimming out to sea with her billowing white night dress photographed in shots from the depths of the fathomy sea beneath.

However Hinterland just didn’t work for me.  I did ponder that perhaps if you had never seen Wallander and on second thoughts, had a huge and inexhaustible supply of patience, you would like Hinterland.  The drama had many of the components, visual at least of Wallander.  Possibly even some of Wallander’s slower and organic pace.

What was missing, i asked myself?  The depth and characterisation supplied by the acting is the only conclusion.  That was what Wallander had and Hinterland didn’t.  Particularly of the Detective himself.
OK maybe i am biased towards Wallander but i don’t think that is the difference.  The story lines in Hinterland were just to thin to fill in the gaps.  The rather large gaps left by the lack of depth of the acting. This is just my opinion.

So DCI Matthias does not see his girls, his children.  Cue misty eyed looks and plenteous sighing whenever he comes across a suspect in a similar situation.  Who also is separated from his kids.  DCI Matthias will stare fixedly at the character’s cute stock photo of their children.  Plus DCI Matthias will get intermittently and unreasonably aerated on the subject, slightly startling his colleagues.

This might work except that this story line has all been done before.  Over and over and over again like watching laundry in a laundrette.  Rolling around lumpenly.

Then there are the slightly offensive stereotypical loomingly large, official odd-beat characters.  Because, you know, just because they live out in the country!  Yep.  There must be some weird and/or dark and post historical village justice for the crime of one of:
  “their women”  transgressing and so on.  Not sure people did that in the Middle Ages or even the stone age.  Yet they do it in official villages.  In the country!

Someone will have a shotgun.  Hell, everyone will have shotguns.  Because it is the country.  At least one man however will have a whole houseful of shotguns.  Or dogs.  Or have a weird as in very weird, obsession or hobby.  That’s why he has to live in the country, see?

Hinterland/Ygwyll was just too long.  An hour, i could have stuck it out, drinking in the stunning scenery of Wales, the pine forest, the caravan, thinking, yes, I’d live there (i could be a hermit!) and so on.  But an hour and a half, nope.

There just wasn’t enough of a drama somehow.  There is something sadly lacking in Hinterland.


Final episode

So i sat through the final episode of Hinterland.  Each episode as we have found, being a different story in the same style as in the series Wallander.  Just as in having a different story i mean.  Not that Hinterland has the same style  as Wallander.  Although Hinterland did borrow mightily from stylistic aspects of Wallander as previously described in my first review: sweeping country scenery, isolated small villages, lonely cottages and lonelier and or voluntarily hermit men.

The episode before this i confess i ditched on around the hour mark as i just couldn’t bear the tedium really and the repeated round of the usual suspects of the small village.  Who all predictably gathered in the village Pub and the plot that could be deducted a mile off.  The thing is, an hour is about maximum i feel to stick anything out. I can happily watch Brit Cops Zero Tolerance for example, for a sort of fun for an hour.

However after an hour of dreary small town stereotypes, be-grizzled and bearded men in the unremitting small workshop in the dark, a small unusual child  who must at some point leave an empty swing, swinging: I succumbed to my urge to see what was going on in Made In Chelsea.

Made In Chelsea being a lot more fun.  My escape to the land of Chelsea worked out fine, during the Ads i jumped back to Hinterland and really nothing much had changed plus i could find out who did it at the end.  All being as i expected.

So knowing this was the final episode i mentally girded even chastised myself into committing to watching the whole, dastardly one and a half hour long thing.  Another reviewer said Hinterland was:
“quietly gripping” and DC Rhys was:
“admirably dead-pan”.
Not possibly wig-laden at all.  Maybe it was me.  I hadn’t given Hinterland enough of a chance i told myself.

However one reviewer’s:
 “quietly gripping”
 is my deathly dull.  DC Rhys keeps changing wigs: i swear.  This episode we were meant to sympathise with DC Rhys quietly weeping over her estranged-type relationship with her daughter.  Me: i felt nothing.

Equally i stared in incredulous cringing horror at the most unutterable tosh yet seen on screen when DC Matthias went in an excruciatingly long and drawn out and indeed deeply dire snog with a victim’s mother.  In the middle of the described as deeply mythical (or some such twaddle) marshlands.

Even Rolf Linquist as Wallander, lothario Detective and scourge to all grieving women and or mad murderers didn’t move in quite so quickly.  Next thing you know, Matthias and mother of victim are getting hot and heavy in her stilt-like cottage on top of the sea of marshland.  When DCI Matthias had just come to question her.  In the middle of some might say, a fairly pressing murder investigation.

This shag-athon that we were cruelly subjected to in soft focus light and trembling sighs and such -like is all supposed to be deeply meaningful.  Because, you know, the Detective is suffering too.  it is a meeting, a collusion of grief.

But really the whole unfortunate and more than mildly ridiculous escapade or interlude was just dramatically dire and dreadful.

The only really interesting thing in this episode was the confirmation of dubious doings courtesy of the deliciously daft and signposted as spooky Chief of Police from way back in episode one.  I knew he was a wrong un.  As they say in the country.

some dialogue:

“Perhaps the owl-man knows?”

(marshes rustle)

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