Special alert! :Note to My Readers of the New Series 2 of Prisoners of War-Hatufim on Tuesday, 22nd April, 2014-on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD Channel # 281 & #282 respectively on Virgin TV @10pm in the Uk repeated at 3:10 am

OMG: Series 2 of Hatufim is on in the UK.  I had practically given up on this Series ever coming to the UK.
I really rate Hatufim, i seriously got into it and would probably put it up there with my other favourite series , Maison Close.

Hatufim is the original Israeli series, English name Prisoners of War, upon which the American remake of it, Homeland was based.  (closely at first and then diverging somewhat as Homeland went on)   Well actually i cannot say that for sure as i haven’t seen Series 2.  Most of the rest of the world has had this Series 2 already.

I hesitate to reprint any quotes of the accompanying descriptions of Series 2 about since they seriously spoiler the first Series.  If at all possible it would be ideal to watch Series 1 before this.  I wrote pretty extensively on Hatufim here, where i miss-spelled it all along as Hatifum.  I will try and find that write-up and re-post as it doesn’t spoiler too much.  I wrote so much that i had to edit and leave some out which is unusual for me.

Nb. Re-posted now:
19th April Re-posting of my review of Hatufim Series 1 with added explanatory notes and cast list

In a nutshell: Hatufim concerns the story of two men, childhood friends, who were Israeli soldiers and were taken as prisoners of war..

Hatufim is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

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