Note to My Readers of some New Series: Hinterland or Ygwyll in Welsh-on BBC4 or Channel # 107 on Virgin TV Mondays @9pm starting 28th April 2014 & 35 Days or 35 Diwrnod in Welsh-already on-Sundays @9pm-See Channel to catch up or Channel #166 on Virgin TV or Netflix to see Episode 5 onwards

So it currently appears to be a mystery which series is replacing Inspector De Luca on BBC4 on Saturday nights.  This coming Saturday 19th April 2014 my research tells me it will be the film Downfall:
“In his Berlin bunker, an increasingly unhinged Hitler readies himself for the end”

Considering the amount and number of you tube spoofs over-dubbing this very scene it may well be hard to take this seriously.

However i have found out that Hinterland is to be on: BBC4
28th April 2014 on Monday nights @ 9pm-10:45pm.

This is a Welsh production and was originally done in Welsh.  However i think it has been over-dubbed in English.  I may be wrong.  This is what i heard.  Shame really, it would have been cool to have heard it in the original language with English subtitles.

I quote directly from Media Centre: sourced 16th April 2014:
( with my own brackets explaining the abbreviations)

“Hinterland is a major new Detective drama set in Mid-Wales.  Having just left the Met (Metropolitan) Police in London for a new life in Aberystwyth, DCI (Detective Constable Inspector) Tom Mathias (Richard Harrington) has hardly had time to unpack before he’s called to the scene of a brutal attack at an isolated chalet in the sand dunes”

35 Days/ Diwrnod on S4C Channel: Number 166 or 185 on Virgin TV or on-line at
just search for 35 Diwrnod which can be watched on their live TV player-10 days left to see 1st episode.

On TV 35 Diwnord can only be seen from Episode 5 onwards-Sunday @ 9pm 20th April 2014.
Will get some more info on this.  All i know is that it is a story of a murder which is told through the point of view of all the villagers instead of focusing on the Detective.  It is on Sunday nights.

S4C is a Welsh language channel which according to the S4C Press release dated 6th August 2013 says that you can:
” visit to watch or download the S4Cclic live or on demand app (application) to enjoy programmes up to 35 days after the first TV broadcast”.

“S4C can also be viewed on:
*You View
*TV Catchup
* BBC i-player”

I am presuming that there will be English subtitles as this is a Welsh language channel.  However i do not know that for sure.  Will check it out.  OK: update:  quoted from The Independent newspaper online article entitled:
“Hinterland and 35 Diwrnod: step aside Scandi thrillers, here comes Wales” by Gerard Gilbert Tuesday 15th April 2014.

“35 Days is not a dual language programme like Hinterland so viewers should hit the subtitles button”.

OK: update after several hours of fruitless, or mostly fruitless research on my Virgin TV/Tivo box-on which i have found 35 Diwrnod but only starting from Episode 5-this Sunday 20th April at 9pm  on Virgin TV Channel 166 also  on channel number 856 and repeated at 10pm the following Tuesday.  You cannot watch the preceding episodes on Catch-up or on demand that i can find-anywhere on TV or on BBC i-player.

However i discovered that S4C has its own live player upon which you can watch episode 1 right through to the end.  As far as their information given above in their press release that you can watch S4C Channel on BBC i-player or you-tube-i could not find 35 Diwrnod on BBC i-player and there are only clips on you tube.

See and search for 35 Diwrnod.
Phew.  Looks good.  Has a cool picture and this description for the series:

“A dead body is discovered on a living room floor, but who is responsible for Jan’s death?”

35 Diwrnod is only available on TV if you have the above Channels (166 & 856)or on Netflix, going from Episode number 5 on Sunday 20th April 2014 @ 9pm.
To find all of the episodes go on-line to to find their live TV player and search for 35 Diwrnod.   Nb. Click on the S symbol on the video player to chose English/ Welsh or no subtitles.

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