Inspector De Luca-PART TWO-Second Episode-Minor spoilers only-on in the UK on BBC4 Saturdays @ 9pm or Virgin TV Channel 107

Inspector De Luca-Second episode

So Inspector De Luca has captivated me in this episode. I am well and truly hooked.  it started with a salami and a wealth of stylish observations in episode 1.

Whereas by the end of episode 2 i was verging on the edge of considering Inspector De Luca a fully fledged film and even feeling mildly moved.  Yes, the tie in the the boy’s toy could be seen to be coming from a mile off, yet it still affected me.  Perhaps it was the dramatic encroachment of real time history being played out before us as experienced by the characters.

A lot of this feeling of Inspector De Luca having reached out and grabbed me in, fully, or near fully, believing and caring and most of all experiencing it as now atmospheric, weighty and film like was the stunning settings.  The street scenes, the multiple pillars, the setting of it in war time.  I was even wondering if Inspector De Luca had become qualified as some kind of idiosyncratic art.

Since Inspector De Luca is individually so fresh and different and yes, captivating on a cumulative basis.  Or process.  Yes, some of the characterisations are clunky to  view to our eyes.  The small and variable cameos are almost caricatured.  I don’t know why.  I had this same feeling when i first started watching Inspector Montalbano.  Yet this dissipated over time.

All i can say to explain is that it is not that i find the characters ugly, it is that they appear somehow dated to my eyes as they are filmed up close in severe close-up. & Sometimes their actions are being held up to the light deliberately.  In a satirical manner.

The slightly moonbeam effect or old school Hollywood mist around the close-ups must seem alien to us now.  Perhaps we are unused to such scientifically vigorous concentration on one character at a time these days in film.

The time period moved a pace from 1938 to 1945-war time. It was fascinating to see the alternate universe as experienced by the other side.  I was wondering who was bombing Italy and surmised it was the “Allies”. An uncomfortable collaboration and or alliance existed with the Germans and it was interesting to see the traditional enemy of war time films being part of the conversation in an office as in the Officer with a silver skull and crossbones on his hat.

As I predicted, we must put up with at least one romantic and or dalliance per episode as Inspector De Luca’s rakish charm and increasingly dishevelled look this episode continues to ensnare beautiful women.  Or, more fairly, frequently the other way round.

Oh yes and Inspector De Luca has a car now, well a Police car i think.  It is gorgeous and it may be a Fiat.

We also met the black-shirts (i have been doing some research)  although De Luca calls them the National Guard.  Or the translation does.

As i mentioned last week, the plot and multiple suspects and convoluted happenings are a bit like white noise/ musak or football explanations to me, dull and boring and far too complicated.

A special mention to the cloud of cigarette smoke we see Inspector de Luca leave behind in the cold night air.  After he has lit his cigarette from Pugliese, his sidekick’s cigarette.  Now, no neo-smoking only for the role, actors or actresses, here and now have essayed that in my memory.  maybe because the writers, along with them have never heard or seen of this archaic method and its variation, twosies.

This episode of Inspector De Luca went a step beyond.


As an experiment after watching Inspector de Luca and pondering upon it: i decided to log off from everything for a night and a day.

The world shifted into place.  Or into another place.

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