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Salamander Episode 3

Today is Mandaag and i still don’t know how to write about this episode without spoilering it.  I am still reeling.  Metaphorically that is otherwise i would or might be on a lurching boat in heavy seas or dancing a reel.

This is the last episode i am going to write consecutively until an update or finale at the end.  Since it is
getting too hard to describe without spoilering. Seriously.

Suffice it to say that i really misconstrued Mrs. Rasenberg’s interest in Geradi’s case as being of an inquisitive kind.  Presuming her to be merely bored or just angry with her life in a gilded cage and her husband respectively. Operating merely from curiosity as to her husband’s affairs that were kept hidden from Mrs. Rasenberg and a desire to help Geradi in a Detective kind of way.

Seemingly not as it transpired.  Miss Marple certainly never carried out Detective work like Mrs. Rasenberg did.

It seems that just like Geradi, i missed all the signals.  Plus now i feel dreadful about off-colour lipstick that
faded at some point to pink.

What to think?

Well the action and atmosphere certainly coalesced in a hurry. Although I’m afraid i divine that it is Geradi
himself who is a little bit wooden.  Or not, as it turned out.

The maniacal glee that was almost pointy teethed feral on the face of the luckily promoted Senator as he turned from the cameras and questioners and walks down the corridor was both grotesque and maniacal to see.

Caricature and comedy lapped like liquid ink around the edges of this scene.  As it has in other scenes too.

Is Salamander meant to be funny?  Not quite.  But it borders on satirical comedy, gnawing at the edges.  If the Senator was a laughing hyena he would have been cackling and chomping on a carrion body for lunch laid out before him.

Rather incomprehensibly, the plotter behind the bank robbery is introducing the swarthy bank robber to his beloved daughter and asking about his marital status.  Hmm.  As we later find out, just because the bank robber has really nice suits and a way with clients, this may not make him husband material.

I had already decided so before the dreadful denouement.

Oh yes and we get an interesting flashback to the war in France, frustratingly cut off.  However we just know that things went horribly wrong.  As they always do in dramas when people are portrayed as happy.  Happy families having special moments before it all goes South or Pete Tong.

& Just what was with the belt? I can really say no more other than a particular predilection it Twas.  Or a pretended one, a put off play by Geradi that didn’t work.

So now things have taken a turn for the very serious indeed in the last few seconds of this episode.  Surprising me out of my complacency and convictions of comedy, goofiness and slapstick moments.

Like the P9/ Ministry of Justice man attempting to build bridges and formally introduce himself to Geradi as “Vic Adams”.  What?  That’s not very exciting or even Belgian sounding, now is it?  What a let down.

Dramatic deflation from Vic who will remain inherently funny for this scene and all his others.  Like essaying forgive and forget over the small matters  of just what has gone before.


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