Note to my readers of some new series:The Americans Series 2, Mammon and The Bates Motel Series 2

So i just spotted perchance a brief ad saying The Americans Series 2 starts today, Saturday 15th March at 9:20pm on ITV 1, or Channel number 103 on Virgin TV

Mammon (as previously discussed in Summary of European series coming to the UK) has been advertised as starting on 28th March on More 4 or channel number 147 on Virgin TV presumably after Southland ends.  Boo hoo.
However The Walking dead fans may have spotted a cameo from Cooper, my favourite character in Southland, doing an enjoyably carefree turn as an ex-soldier with tall tales and a ginger handlebar moustache!

Then The Bates Motel, which is really rather good, returns for a second series on Wednesday, 2nd April.  Yey.  There is a one off review of The Bates Motel here, date i will look up later.
On Universal Channel, number 137 on Virgin TV

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