Summary of New European Drama Series coming to the UK-quoted directly from The Independent article of the title-my notes underneath & in brackets

“Summary of  New European series coming to the UK”:
quoted from The Independent Article of this title.
1864 (Danish)
(BBC4 or Channel number 107 on Virgin TV)
“The state broadcaster which brought us The Killing and Borgen moves into lavish historical drama, with the traumatic war against Bismark’s Prussia that led to Denmark losing half its territory. Familiar faces include Mads Mikkelsen and Borgen’s Sidse Babett Knudsen and Pilou Asbaek”.

Crimes of Passion (Swedish) 
“Fifties Sweden is the setting for these murder mysteries based on the books of Maria Lang – aka “the Agatha Christie of Sweden”. Described as Mad Men meets The Killing, the protagonists are a husband-and-wife sleuths and their best friend, a Stockholm police inspector”.


Inspector De Luca (Italian)
“Based on the novels of Carlo Lucarelli and set in Bologna during the tumultuous years of Mussolini’s dictatorship, De Luca is an  investigator whose brutal honesty and uncompromising character may help him solve crimes, but combined with his love for women, also gets him into trouble…”


Hostages (Israeli) 
“The Israeli original of Homeland was more  authentic and raw than the feted US remake,  and the same goes for the Hebrew-language template for CBS’s Hostages, about a surgeon whose family is kidnapped in order to make  her assassinate the country’s president  during routine surgery”.

Mammon- (Norwegian) 
(coming to More 4 Channel or Channel number 147 on Virgin TV)

“Described as an All the President’s Men-style thriller, Jon Oigarden plays a journalist  investigating financial fraud at a multinational who finds his own family is involved, ruining his career and family relations – and putting  his life at risk”.


My Notes:

Hostages (Bei Aruba in Hebrew)
I have notes on this series coming to BBC4 at the bottom of my write up on the American remake of Hostages here.  I also mention the excellent Israeli series Hatufim, which i have several write-ups on here.
Bei Aruba will be entitled Hostages and will be in Hebrew with English subtitles.

Hatufim was the original Israel series mentioned in the above quoted Independent article upon which Homeland was based.  It’s name in English was Prisoners Of war.  My reviews can be found under my then miss-spelling of the title as Hatifum.

When researching this recently to try and find out when it starts (no answer other than “later in 2014”) i encountered a serious plot spoiler in the previews which i would really rather have not known up front.

The stills for Mammon show a twinkling and beautiful Norwegian cityscape at night, Oslo perhaps. Superimposed upon this picture is the  face of the hero, Jon, with a subtly be-stubbled beard and a serious and thoughtful air.  Mammon is looking good.

Of all of these series listed i am going to look out for Mammon and Hostages.  Oh and Les Revenants of course.  See below.

Nb.  None of these series listed above give a date at the time of writing.   With the exception of Mammon and Les Revanants (those two being respectively on More 4 &  Channel 4) one of those listed above is likely to follow on from Salamander on BBC4.

In other news:

Les Revenants/ The Returned is coming back to Channel 4-or on Channel number 104 on Virgin TV-yey!
Series 2 of Les Revenants is also described as starting:
 “later in 2014”
This happening is described as “Channel 4 winning the rights to Les Revenants” as if they entered a competition, jousting perhaps.

BBC4 also tell us that:
other upcoming series are:
Season Three of Wallander and home-grown dramas Hinterland from Wales and Amber from Ireland.”

I was briefly excited about the new Wallander series until i remembered that my favourite Wallander (and best ever in my opinion) Henrik Kristersson, definitely said he would not be doing any more Wallander.

I read about Hinterland-it has been bought for Danish TV where it is subtitled in Danish and left in it’s original Welsh.  However for BBC4 they have dubbed it in English!  Tres’ daft.

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