Southland Part THREE-the early series-re-posting of archive material (this was originally posted on 19/1/13) this is for those interested in the new & final series of Southland starting tonight Thursday February 13th 2014 on More 4 or Channel number 147 on Virgin TV in the UK @ 11pm.

The new series of Southland, once so very good, is still wavering:fast at risk from becoming not just message serving but soppy too.  Cooper, my favourite character as readers of my original Southland reviews here will know, has a new partner in Lucy Liu, Officer Tang.

Fortunately just as I thought this was all getting too deep and meaningful and Cooper and Officer Tang
(who does seem a bit diddy to be a Policewoman but when you carry guns nearly as big as you are guess it don’t matter) were gettin way too chummy it transpires that Officer Tang may well have an evil streak.  Interesting..

Plus I am not going to give the game away with what is happening with best Women Detective ever Lydia but I do wish she would make her mind up soon.  I mean we have already had the stereotypical running scenes where we are waiting and watching for Lydia to fall to the floor and clutch her stomach and call for the “R.A bus”.  Thats already happened.  Clue:normally Lydia runs like the wind.

Oh and guess who Cooper’s ex-pain-killer addict Narcotics Anonymous sponsor is?  D’Angelo Barksdale from The Wire.  Both of them, Cooper and D’Angelo, (haven’t caught his Southland name yet) on screen together are pure gold.

Southland is slow moving and it takes a while to get enough together to write on it.  Suffice it to say that the episode starts with a shot that is then freeze-framed of some standing tableau of awfulness or anarchy that resulted from something that happened earlier in that day.  Then we go back in time to the beginning of that day when  all was sunny and bright.

 Well actually its mostly is sunny and bright, which is one of the main things i like about Southland, the Southern Los Angleles sunshine.  The shots of it in all its many varied forms are quite spectacular i feel. One episode , truly shocking it was, it rained.  No, it can’t rain in L.A…

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