Quick Note to My Readers-The Series The Americans-Series 1 currently being repeated on ITV Or Channel 103 on Virgin TV-Fridays @10:35pm

I see that the excellent cold-war spy series The Americans is currently being repeated in the UK on ITV Channel or channel number 103 on Virgin TV.  This may well mean there is a new series due.
You can watch ITV on ITV player on line or ITV on demand on the TV.

I have written a fair bit about The Americans here, episode by episode transcripts of postings from the Guardian Blog at the time.

Later note: correction to above information on ITV player catch up for The Americans
My apologies, i incorrectly assumed that you could watch The Americans on ITV player-you can’t, as i found out when double-checking this information today.  This rings a bell from the first time it was on now i think about it.

However if you watch TV on-line you may well know another way by which you can and it is available by this method…If you are not familiar with this method then just ask somebody who watches TV on their computer and they can tell you.  I cannot officially recommend it.  The Americans Series 1 is available in this way-i have checked.

Oh yes and in my research i found out that there is indeed a new series of The Americans, Series 2, coming to ITV in the UK in “the spring”.

Must get back to Salamander-BBC4 in Flemish,  a Belgian crime thriller mentioned in previous note on new series-its looking really good so far.

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