Note to My Readers of some New series

So Nashville is back for a second series on More 4-or Channel 147 on Virgin TV @ 10pm

Yey!  Hugely human interest set in Nashville surrounding the lives of Rayna James, a real life country singing star ( i think) and her arch rival/and or friend Juliette who is a younger rising star.  Kind of a Dallas series family with suitable dark political and family shenanigans (which are fairly underwhelming really) and some truly great live performances of actual stars who are characters doing their thang.

Southland is on directly after Nashville on More 4 on Thursdays @ 11pm. Starting on the 13th February 2014
Plus, Southland is back! hip hip hurray!  we are told that is the final series though-boo hoo.  OK it isn’t as good as the early series were in my opinion-well worth checking them out if possible. I have written here about Southland, the early series in adoring descriptive detail.  Dwelling somewhat on the sunshine and all it’s variations admittedly.

My favourite series was the one with battered veteran Cop, Cooper,  teaching the young rookie, Officer Sherman,  from the posh side of town the ropes.  Battered Cop had a back-story which is very slowly revealed and is off his head most of the time on very strong pain medication for his busted back.

 Meanwhile the anti-gang crew are battling gangs all over Southern Los Angeles and living some tragedies of their own.  In the midst of this they find the time and patience to look after a young witness girl who they semi-adopt and keep at the Polices station for her safety and feed her like a mute traumatised bird.  Brilliant stuff.

The later series never really re-captured this first promise in my opinion however we shall see what this next series brings.  I will look into the dates for posting of my reviews on Southland and put them here.

New Note-update:
OK-this is getting complicated but to make things easier than listing all the dates of those original postings mentioned here-I have just re-posted them all today (13th February 2014) as Archive material re-posted entitled Southland PART ONE-the early series, Southland PART TWO-the early series and Southland PART THREE-the early series Archive material re-posted.

Since the new and final series of Southland, Series 5,  is due to start tonight-Thursday 13 th February 2014 on More 4 or channel number 147 on Virgin TV in the UK right after Nashville @ 10pm as described, Southland being on at 11pm.  Phew.

I am also watching Are You The One? on MTV Channel number 134 on Virgin TV, which is both fun and fascinating.

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