2nd Review of The Bridge Series 2-Update (episodes 7 & 8) and finale-minor spoilers

2nd Review of The Bridge Series 2-Update & Finale

Episodes 7 & 8

So The Bridge series 2 is nearly over.  Oh woe is me.  We have been tantalised with a succession of red herrings as to who the evil king pin plotter behind all the murders is.  So many red herrings strewn in our path make it night impossible to traverse.  Slippy too.

This reminds me of the latest murder which I, along with the Detectives, have seemingly almost forgotten about.  That was one crime scene too many for me.  I reached a point towards the end of that double episode where my brain was experiencing overload.  Much as I love The Bridge.

The Bridge, as in Series 1 is a bit top heavy with plot.  I do enjoy the aspect of the disparate stories and
secondary characters and how they intersect with the main story and suffer due to this collision.

Robert Altman in Short Cuts and the Director of the Three Colours Trilogy both created stories of intersecting et separate stories and characters .  Just like real life I guess.

So now we have been shown, finally who is behind all the truly dastardly deed so the end of the series must be nigh.

 The interplay of Martin & Saga has been illuminating and amusing.  They had a touch of Laurel and hardy about them at times.  I mean that as a high compliment.

As i predicted, although feeling it was a tad too neat and pat for the moral messiness of The Bridge, perhaps not.  Since Martin has effected his own, psychological cure by wreaking a dreadful revenge on his nemesis, the murderer Jens.

This process took great strength and at one point i even conjectured forgiveness, from Martin,.  But no the battle waged by Martin the warrior was signified by the eventual glean of triumph way back in his eyes.

Not sure if this would really work every time.  Yet this is the admirable talking cure where words are the real weapons as evinced so nobly and ably by that other famous Scandinavian Detective, Wallander.

One bugbear for me was Martin running with his new found psychological acumen and attempting to psychoanalyse Saga and dig into her past.  Even getting hold of her file.  No, leave Saga alone, free from sympathetic past childhood retroactive psychoanalysing.

 Saga as a character should be free of her probable childhood horrors revisited.  In an albeit well meaning but patronising way from Martin.  I predict that Saga will not thank him for it if he proceeds.

Martin is finally and thankfully happy.  This is the cue for things to go horribly wrong in dramas.  What could
possibly go wrong?  We shall see.

I must say that apart from the simply stunning and sumptuous scene setting of Bridge 2 and the glorious
subterranean pond wash of the palest green over everything, by which i mean pretty much absolutely everything right down to the colour coded clothes: my favourite aspect of this series has been observing the coterie of female characters in position of authority and or with really important, in whatever way to them, jobs.

Watching their easy authority and confidence in the lives.  The Publisher Bodill, Caroline, in the generic office arranging key note speakers at the EU Conference, and last but not least, my favourite woman character, the CEO of the Pharmaceutical company Viktoria, in her aquarium like square house.  Then of course Pernille, and the insanely beautiful youngster with her solicitous Dad, the list goes on.

Whilst being distracted by the sight of stainless steel twin doored fridges so large that they went seemingly from ceiling to floor in the perfectly appointed house of Caroline: we all felt for her trials and tribulations with her doleful husband when we see Caroline reduced to the sad stereotypical spectacle in dramas of rooting through his clothes for clues.  In a giant walk in closet of replica clothes.

The reveal of the odious brother of the CEO Viktoria and his particular predilections which unfortunately did not involve his wife was signposted subtly a long way back.

Then of course, there is Saga who in a scene eerily reminiscent of an episode of Sex in The City (where Carrie requests that part of her apartment be curtained off and Aiden not speak to her)  innocently requests the same from ever equable Jakob.

I fear that this relationship may not be lasting much longer. As it finally dawns on Jakob that Saga doesn’t want to share her life.  well certainly not her apartment.  I perfectly understand,  He did keep moving her files.

I did wonder how the animal activists knew Saga was staying in a hotel and which one in particular.  When only really Jakob knew.


The Bridge finale


So the ending of Bridge series 2 was quite a shocker.  In more ways than one.  I certainly didn’t see that coming.

Naughty naughty Bridge for at least one surprise.  The final twist, I had an inkling of but certainly not in that
direction.   It was most annoying but I suppose suspenseful, to keep the final perpetrator in shadow.

Me, i was convinced it was Jakob to the extent of declaring it out loud to the screen.  But to no avail.  We will never know.  I really wanted to smugly announce that i told you all so.  But no.

I did predict that a compete cure of Martin’s affliction would be a mite too pat for the Bridge though.  Told you so.  Funnily enough my mind had already previously wondered about Police procedures on storing certain items.  Lets say no more.

But ah, the sumptuous scene setting of The  Bridge.  Sigh.  Even a double or triple sigh. Or an inward silent sigh for every such scene.  Whomsoever did the Cinematography deserves an award in my opinion.

The vertiginous upside down travelling shot of the concrete pillars and stanchions of the bridge.  The night and day scenes of cityscapes, the impossibly high tower of lights.  The travelling sky and clouds.  The palest wash of blue and white and flat sea by day.

The monolithic municipal blocks so square.  The monumental slab high Police Station.  The blue fridge like box of the morgue.  The extremely handsome Pathologist, with his curly grey black hair and beard.  Saga’s intellectual kin.  Who could have been her tutor in medicine and was.

Things were so dark and unpredictable for a while I even suspected Mette.  Just getting out of be in the night or saying she was coming down with something.  A plotter or victim?  Silly i know.  Such was the plethora of dark doings and deeds in abundance and an infinite variety of suspects.

Saga sailed through it all. At rare interval she would pinch a touch of snuff like tobacco and stick it up between her mouth and teeth.  Otherwise she never faltered.  Never stressed.

 For me, whilst slightly touching of course, Saga’s final resurrection of her sister’s photograph from storage was a touch too pat and contrived,  Just as i found Martin’s insistence on breaching the subject a little asynchronous somehow.  As just a touch to much perhaps.

Yes, Saga is suffering.  Who wouldn’t.  Her twin is always part of her, we know.  Maybe there was just too much beauty along with a tad too much going on for me to completely swallow this endearing ending.

Saga’s simple act of rubbing the glass clean was enough.  Perhaps photographs really do heal you.  Now that Sagas flat is strangely empty, even though this is what she wished for and desired, her sister will be there.

I must say i enjoyed, as ever in gender equal utopia Scandinavia, that everywhere the Detectives went pretty much, a woman was in charge.  In a position of authority.  This is unusual and refreshing to see.  Those women all coped with efficiency, speed and effectiveness in emergency situation.  & There were a lot of those.

Dharma, as my favourite character Viktoria’s assistant, was beautiful, calm and efficient too.  Caroline, pronounced Caroleen, was endearing and comical somehow.  We never found out what happened to her lumpen husband.  & Poor Claudio, what a way to go!

There were tiny silken slithers of humour threaded through The Bridge series 2 for me.

Rasmus in particular, as his story progressed veering dangerously near trouble towards the end, however Rasmus never gave up.

I felt for Rasmus in his contretemps with the Police Station Boss in a rare explosion of Scandinavian violence yet at the same time observed that Rasmus had done his best to turn up in what appeared to be a green plaid jacket.  He’s wearing green!

C’mon, have a heart, Rasmus is trying to fit in in the green kingdom!  or was it just the light in the Police station making his tartan-esque jacket look green?

(In the midst of everything i found such musings amusing)

So was the very light turned green?  I will never know.  Everything, pretty much as mentioned, right from the
beginning and the beautiful student’s pea green cardigan right down to Saga’s T-shirts and Martin’s jackets were green.  So were Saga’s matching cardigans.  So was her long coat.  & Of course, her pea green Porsche.

Methinks it was nod to the ship and the sea.   The sea Captain and his boat.  The little dinghy of the beautiful
girl sailing.  & What lies above the sea?  The bridge.

Saga was my very favourite character of course and it was she who steered the steady course throughout.  or she could be said to be the implacable and deadly rocks upon which ships that were really people, smashed themselves uselessly to smithereens.  Even Martin.

There was no harbour for him.

Saga had been like his lighthouse, guiding him in.  However Martin’s demons had returned to taunt him.  It was either his demon or the sea itself for martin.  i was half expecting a trip to halfway along the bridge for Martin.

We know what he chose.  Because his lights had gone out, Martin stumbled into darkness.

Did we really think Saga would have looked the other way?  In spite of Martin somewhat annoyingly, attempting to break through to Saga as if she was how she was because of personal tragedy, Saga wouldn’t have been Saga if she had acted any other way.

Martin’s eyes beseeched, blamed yet thanked Saga as he sped silently away.  His eyes were mostly missing her.   Like me.



I use the term Scandinavian here just because the Detectives are Swedish and Danish and The Bridge takes place in both countries.

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