Some Archive material from 2012: Donal McIntyre-Most Dangerous Towns and a special mention to the more recent 2013-2014 Series of Ross Kemp-Extreme Worlds-Sky 1 Channel

Written in 2012.

Donald MacIntyre and The Toughest towns

Perhaps it was dwelling on a movie earlier I would normally reserve for man film in my mind. However it was called Outlaw and had Sean Bean in it.  Acting his smouldering Sharpe socks off.

Plus Lenny James.  Before he lost his hair and went all skinny like in the ridiculous Line Of duty BBC2 series.

It was but a hop skip and a bored jump from there to the land of Sky 1/ Sky 1 Hd which i never knew i had.
Chris Ryan looked appealing for a while, jumping out of planes with his camouflage on.  It looks fun. I feel like I am exploring my masculine side.  Or warrior, which sounds more esoteric or exotic but a little pretentious.

Anyway, deciding to dwell in the land of the man channel for a while for  fun I came upon Donal McIntyre.  Now there is a man who gets himself into some near scrapes.  Or so he would have you believe.

However it all seems very believable as Donal trundles around a certain Eastern European city searching for variously: the Mafia, the sex traffickers and the gangs.  I have left out identifying group names.

I dunno, I am not normally so paranoid, but as MacIntyre said, these were some pretty heavy guys.

As I said, Donal MacIntyre loudly talks to camera relating his mission to meet all or some of the most dangerous men in town.

When Donal goes around the red light district with presumably his camera men in tow he seems surprised that eventually some fuzzed out burly men come out to remonstrate with him.

Donal MacIntyre declares this as very sinister and proof of evil underworld backing to the district.  He is right.

I did wonder whether it would have been easier for Donal to have had one of those hidden cameras but maybe his crew are his safeguard.  As is the filming.

McIntyre goes to meet some jolly shaved head gang who jovially explained how much it was to buy a girl and that there was a discount for 10.

This was in response to McIntyre’s direct enquiries as to this possibility and how much.  Presumably the gang believed him to be a journalist as it seemed an unlikely request from fresh faced and smiling Donal, resplendent in days old stubble and a healing cut on his nose.

We are left to wonder just how Donal McIntyre received this cut and was it from the classic camera dropping altercation from before?

Not knowing is unimportant since along with his fetching black leather jacket this cut only adds to McIntyre’s slightly roguish and minorly battered aiming for War correspondent air.

You see I mainly watched this programme because Michael McIntyre is hot, yes, seriously hot.

Plus I wanted to learn more about sex trafficking.  Which is truly terrible. Modern day slavery, as McIntyre explained.

Donal went to see one major figure in the underworld who very frighteningly, did not care whether he was fully shown.  Him and his young henchman son.

The man described the gradation of his punishments to a trafficked girl if she didn’t obey.  Like it was the most natural thing in the world.:
“First, I slap her, then I punch her in the face, then, shoot in the arm or the leg”.

“Yes, as McIntyre sadly said,:
“the girls are worth more to them alive not dead”.

Donal McIntyre travelled everywhere with an English speaking cab driver who explained how he saw everything and it was bad but he said nothing.

“Murder, threats and death?” asked McIntyre
“See no evil hear no evil speak no evil?”
Donal seemed to be speaking backwards to the guy.  Like Pigeon English-oops.

“Yes, like that’s what this town needs, more sex and more money”! the cab driver was saying sarcastically.

Then the cab driver told Donal McIntyre how he carried a gun for his safety and produced the cutest little toy gun looking thing you ever did see.  I don’t like guns but i thought it was cute, it nearly lay in a palm.  A bit of an oversized weapon for an Action Man doll perhaps.  In a nifty little pouch.

But it was real.  You could see Donal almost inwardly gulp thinking shit-he’s got a gun!  We British do not like guns.

Then the mental calculation weighing up the danger all around.

Well around or more like in the repeated meetings McIntyre kept setting up with a small conglomeration of the men running the criminal underworld of the city.

I thought it was surprising that the men were prepared to meet Donal and talk to him at all.  Particularly for Donal to record them.

Fuzzy face or not.

McIntyre had the habit of coming  out from one of those:
“very dangerous clandestine meetings” and walking several yards over to his camera crew in their parked car.

Then whispering sotto voice to camera just how dangerous it all was.

Yes, probably, and if that guy was as evil as all that he appeared to be, his reach would probably have extended to where they had parked the car.

Donal McIntyre and the inveterate cab driver who was filmed fully along with the (less than disguised with sunglasses wearing) ex-trafficked girl who had escaped:  all made it home safe.  Unlike the girls left trafficked, behind.



This was written in 2012. A more recent update on this subject can be found presented by Ross Kemp in his excellent series from 2013 and 2014: Ross Kemp-Extreme Worlds (various subjects and countries)  In his episode:
 Ross Kemp on Trafficking.

Correction: the episode is called Ross Kemp-Extreme Worlds-UK.

In which Ross Kemp, possibly one of the best Documentary presenters I have seen, being admirably: objective, non-patronising or judgemental and having the very rare quality of mostly staying silent in order to actually listen to his interviewees, nearly cries.

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