Homeland Series 3-Episode 12-Final episode-warning-some spoilers Plus posted comment on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog-at bottom of page

Homeland Series 3-Episode 12-final episode


Javadi & Saul.
“The longer he eludes me the weaker I look and the less chance there is of me replacing Akbari”
“I have just been put in charge of the manhunt”
he continues:
“What if they got arrested together?”
“Tell me where they are and then I could at least save your girl”!

Brody & Carrie in the car.
missed this bit.
Think Brody is talking about his Dad.
“Air Ground Control Centre..”
“This would have broke his heart”
he continues:
“Is it much further?”

Beautiful cinematography.  All in yellow.  As is always when dramas are set in the Middle East.
(Carrie looks Iranian like she has lived there all her life)

Safe House.
“He wants to tell you well done”! (Saul)
“Whatever that means”
“There was this man in Caracas, he said I was a cockroach, un-killable”,
“bringing misery wherever I go”

“It was about redemption”..
“i am pregnant, from our time at the lake..”
“I think I was put on this earth for our paths to cross,”
“that might sound crazy!”
“Are you through yet?”
“No, Yes!”
“‘Cause I don’t think that sounds crazy at all,”
“It sounds like the only fucking thing..”

Uh oh…well i had a feeling that was gonna happen..


Nb. Brody saying:
“How much further is it?”
 is an echo of his ride with Azizi  in the Unit, when Brody asked the same question.
& Brody’s code name on the radio with the Unit was:
” The passenger”.
 We will return to this theme later.

Oh yes & the different car that Brody & Carrie pull up to the safe house in.  From what they were driving.
Although Carrie did mention summat about switching cars so I thought that explained it.


end of excerpts


Well i have seen some sick things depicted on TV however this (a scene in this episode) may take the biscuit.

I found that scene to be utterly horrific and deeply shocking.  Whilst all the time thinking Brody might still get
out of it. Somehow.  & Reappear later, courtesy of a clever plot by Javadi.

 However that didn’t make sense since Javadi had laid out so very eloquently just why this dreadful end had to happen.  He made some good points i suppose.  Yet his attitude was so fatalistic. Religiously so.

Javadi was right about Carrie I suppose.  I do wonder if he really sold her on his whole argument or whether Carrie really swallowed the justification for what happened to Brody at all? Carrie seemed to have done so:
“4 months later”.

Or was Carrie just newly ruthless and diplomatic just like Saul?   As pointed out by Lockhart.
“Agreeing to disagree” seemed rather a mild allusion to the affair.  My feeling is that Carrie was now being shown as the new Saul, his protege’, all supposedly grown up.

 I was surprised that Carrie hugged Saul in her goodbye to him.  Albeit remaining fairly frostily cold.  No longer the emotional one, no longer his little girl.  She had learnt her lesson perhaps: trust no one.

Had Carrie really bought the party line that this ending had all been worth it?  It seemed so.  An acceptance of that by everyone entails accepting the concept of martyrdom.  By the other side.

Indeed the whole rather creepy star ceremony was a commemoration of such.  White gloves as if handling holy relics, that are placed reverentially in a special lit box.  Like ancient bones.

Had Javadi and the powers that over-rode Saul made the right call?  Probably. It was a King Solomon’s call.  Or a Sophie’s choice.  Could the rescue operation have been a disaster, risking Carrie & her baby’s life too?  Possibly.

 The mention of a Black Hawk helicopter may have been a deliberate sign post to Black Hawk operations that were catastrophes.  We will never know.

Myself, i reckon that Javadi, whilst obviously at risk himself if Brody had escaped, could still have swung it
somehow.  He could just blame the Americans.

& The trumpeted breakthrough in the nuclear programme could have happened anyway.  Iran had a new leader in real life.  Was it meant to represent Javadi?  & Iran was tired of sanctions.  It is all moot in my opinion.

Which leads me to mentioning the mirroring of this tale with a real life story i spotted some weeks ago.  A missing American man in Iran, not seen since 2011. Hmmm..

So Brody was never going to get a star.  For past crimes which he never carried out.  For want of a faulty switch, granted.

Yet just as the martyrdom point Homeland is making: Brody was groomed, used and abused & cut loose when considered to be no longer useful.  (just like any young jihadi)  Teaching moment/ lesson# 2.

Just like Leika, the 1st dog sent into space or the monkey recently sent up in a satellite by Iran.  Nobody had planned for their return.

& Carrie, all supposedly grown up now and mouthing all the right words, whilst drawing a star on the wall like a rebellious teenager in the dark in a high school gymnasium, goes forth to be another more ruthless Saul.

Saul, who turned out to be not so ruthless at all.

Still, Brody seemed at peace with his fate and even believed he deserved this ending.  On a religious basis i believe.  He had wished for this before, even pleaded at the height or rather depth of his suffering.  Brody was performing his ablutions in preparation.

Perhaps Brody would never have been at peace.  His suffering, at the hands of both sides of the battle, had been too much.  He had been held captive, brainwashed and told what was right and wrong by both sides, for far too long.  Brody only wanted to be free.

This is what both sides had done to him.  Brody was tired of asking:
“how much further?”  was it and being the passenger in other people’s rides.

 Brody had been brave, resourceful and obedient to each side and their grand plans.  All the while mostly terrified out of his mind.  His mind broken down and brainwashed again and again.  Brody rarely got to drive his own car.  Except in petrified escape.

Time to get off the merry go round:

Brody only wanted to stop.


Transcript of my comment posted on Guardian Online Blog on Homeland
(nb. two words omitted from this so as to avoid serious spoilers here)

i thought that scene took the biscuit for the sickest thing i have ever seen depicted on TV.
Given that it happened to a character that viewers had emotionally invested in, over many seasons.

I agree with other posters that the sudden cheery, & chirpy ads that followed right after had the effect of some dark agit-prop anti art..
or summat.

i suppose that this was in order to reassure us that Brody was indeed like the proverbial Dodo.

Having missed the beginning and the scene with Brody & Carrie driving in the car-what was Brody saying about his father ?

I did re-watch the beginning but am completely averse to revisiting the whole episode.  In fact wild horses
couldn’t drag me.

a few random points:

When i first saw the shot of Saul scuttling, beetle-like up the sunny lane of wherever in blithe happiness with

Mrs. Smug upstairs on their sun-lit verandah and elysian meal-i first thought that having signposted the scene as :
“4 months later”
that this was Saul, hurrying to see Carrie in Istanbul who he had taken under his wing. Her and her baby.  But nope.

Nb. No Brody, it is not you who are the:
“Un-killable cockroach that brings misery wherever it goes”
as per the doctor in Caracas.

It is, it would appear, Saul who makes the cockroach grade.

Saul, who has bought the dubious party-line that this horrific end was all worth it in view of the slight thawing
of international relations between Iran and America.

Which no doubt would have happened anyway-with or without Brody’s sacrifice or his death as a burnt offering for the cause.  Otherwise known as martyrdom.

Brody-for whom nobody had made any plans for his return.

Saul, who briefly looked sad over the affair was fine and dandy and cockroach scuttling still..

Even Carrie seems to have bought the party line-or had she?
I really kept expecting, as others here have said, Brody to pop out of the shadows and for it all to have been a devious and clever plot by Javadi.  But nope, sadly.

Likewise i kept half expecting Carrie to take some evil-explosively themed revenge at the creepy commemorative ceremony. Perhaps this idea was a bit overblown.  Her revenge is quiet and teenager-like and essayed with a magic marker pen in the dark instead.

Carrie parroting the right diplomatic lines as Saul would have done-or not, thinking about it-to keep her job and her much treasured sideways move
 (not a promotion in my opinion) to Istanbul.

Because Carrie is obviously happier abroad, in the Middle East.

Nb. I spotted the uncanny similarity of this story with a News story relating how a missing American man in Iran has not been seen since 2011.  Hmm..

Could that be how the story goes down in America, as queried here by posters?

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